Nuclear Reactors and Batteries

Hydrogen fusion is a promising source of energy. They have made fusion reactors already. Though they aren't going to supply our energy needs because they consume more energy than the make. Fission reactors have been already made and are good at making energy. Unfortunately they have dangerous radioactive byproducts and wastes. Please post anything you want as long as it has something to do with nuclear reactors.

Picture of Nuclear Reactors and Batteries
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salazam5 years ago
I thought fusion created more energy, it just requires insane amounts of heat. Like in the sun. If only there was a way to harness THAT energy...
Masterdude (author)  salazam5 years ago
I've read that some people think thermonuclear reactions could be carried out at lower temperatures (ahem "cold fusion") but it seems that their claims have not been definitely proved or disprove and are generally considered in the category as "anti-gravity" devices. If only cold fusion worke it would be awesome. In essence, it's a jar with water and metal electrode (well, it may be slightly more complicated then that...).
I live fairly close to a renowned research facility. I suppose I'm dead meat if it ever goes kablooey.
The big national labs don't generally go kablooey. The ones with weapons programs just contaminate the ground water (Brookhaven's tritium, Hanford's various nasties, Pantex's beryllium). The "pure science" ones (Fermilab, SLAC, NHMFL) are usually more concerned about the local community. Not that I'm biased or anything...
This one dump ed/s mercury into the local river. :-\ Hopefully they've cleaned up their act.
Masterdude (author)  Lithium Rain8 years ago
Notice that I didn't even ask which lab :-)
I did! спасибо. :-)
можете (thanks, Google!)
>Forehead wrinkles in confusion< Ummm...Рыба!
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