Number of "Pro" users?

. How about a running total of the number of "Pro" (I hate that term) users in the "New Pro Users" title block?

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bylerfamily8 years ago
I hate the term pro...It sounds to me like they think they are supreme because they paid for a membership.It is not something I like,having people be made superior to us by paying for a member ship.I knew the economy was bad but I did not know that instructables was going to stoop to this level.
It's not that they think their superior ("supreme" is incorrect). The label was adopted and is applied by Staff to classify the account. A number of us disagree with it, and wish that something else were used (e.g., a little "gold star" symbol or something else less verbal).

If you didn't know, then presumably you haven't been reading the Forums for the past six months:

No,I have not read the forums for the last few months.I need to start.:-)
I hate the term pro...It sounds to me like they think they are supreme because they paid for a membership.

That part of your post I agree with.....

I think Pro, should be changed to a group term such as "Iblers"
Iblers? Ugh! That's so rotten I'd ask for my money back. ;-)
Somebody suggested elsewhere, and I agree, that the "PRO" tag could be changed to soemthing neutral, like a gold star, or an LED.
"What makes a good man go neutral? Lust for gold? Power? Or were you just born with a heart full of neutrality?" Actually I like the gold star idea, but then again, I don't have a problem with the pro either. Need we dumb down for those who fail to differentiate between pro and professional?
It's not a dumbing down thing, it's an image thing.

See elsewhere in this thread - some people think that pro is discriminatory, excluding non-pro from the heart of the site.
Actually you can't, read the TOS, under legal, rule 29, the famous Balk rule.
Kiteman8 years ago
I can't help wondering - how many paid subscriptions does the site need to break even?
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