I remember seeing a recipe book in a bookstore titled simply....Nutella. it was shaped like a jar of nutella and filled with nutella themed recipes. That got me wondering what kind of crazy things people have made with nutella. ive done a chocolate,e nutella, fererro rocher, and OMG'S cake, and nutella cookies.

anybody else done some crazy nutella baking?

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I am crazy about Nutella. Sharing some of my Nutella recipes with you which I posted in my YouTube Channel. The first one is a super easy quick Nutella Mousse recipe which requires only 2 ingredients & the 2nd one is Nutella Croissants using puff pastry sheets.

More coming up in my future videos

seanbell1572 years ago

worked like a charm when I was out of syrup for the kids pancakes

Cecilia A2 years ago

I have made nutella brownie recipe and it was amazing.

Can you please share!!

Just thinking about it.....

So share it - make it, take photos as you go, and write up an instructable.

That is the point of this site, after all...

wassad32 years ago

Nutella, best for bread!

Kiteman2 years ago

You've got to be careful, that stuff's freaky dangerous!

'Nutella jar house blaze' kills Twickenham family's dog

You forgot to mention it was the jar. :P

(See the second word in the headline?)


It shouldn't say "Nutella" as the actual stuff had nothing to do with it.

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