OHSHI- PC Problem

Howdy folks. Take a look at that. Two forum topics (by me) in a row. I must be insane! Anywhooo. I just installed The Orange Box on my Mom's Computer and stuff and all the games work fine and stuff... But my only problem is that when I play it for about 45 minutes my entire computer just restarts.... It kinda sucks... I mean.. I can only play like, two games of Team Fortress Two in that amount of time! It's crazy! I need to figure out how to make this totally not happen ever again.

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its a lion9 years ago
well now none of the comments are showing up... so sorry if ive posted 3 - 4 comments on here. im going to send in a bug report after this one.
ahhh now i see them... weird. i bet after i post this they all go away.
Juklop (author)  its a lion9 years ago
Well, poo. I can't see them.
That is odd... basically i was asking if the computer was overheating. I posted a link to the thread in the bug report, so maybe they can see them?
Juklop (author)  its a lion9 years ago
Quite odd indeed. Do you mean if it's overheating in the middle of a game? I usually get kicked off in a loading screen, if that has anything to do with anything...
oddly enough, thats when i get kicked from steam games too. though it happens to me in half life 2 eps 1 and 2. but yes, i meant overheating in the middle of the game. mine could be from overheating too. as i said in one of the posts you cant see, i dont have air conditioning in my room, and it can get pretty warm in here at times.
Juklop (author)  its a lion9 years ago
You're probably right about the overheating. I'll try it out right now. And yeah, it's oddly, only Steam games with me too, (It happened with Portal and CSS before I was playing TF2). Because I can play World o' Warcraft just fine. Also, I would put a Steam and overheating pun right here. But I won't because I can't think of any.
It could also be that: A: Your video card is old and heating it up causing windows to crash and restart (usually defaulted in the settings to do so). B: Need Mo POWERA! Having a underpowered computer will make it crash like that so that means a more powerful powersupply.
Juklop (author)  Punkguyta9 years ago
So updating me video card will prevent it from heating up and crashing windows? To Fry's Electronics! AWAY!
What kind of video card do you have now?
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