Does anyone know how to filter it effectively to get rid off the fragance and the vitamin E? (well, baby oil's condutivity is 0 but I just want to effectively filter it to obtain pure baby oil ) (Note I leve in a remote location and the only cheap accessible choice is the baby oil and they do not carry any other) Your help is appreciated!

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vreinkymov6 years ago
I've posted an instructable on how to remove fragrance by heating. It's not the safest thing in the world, but it worked. https://www.instructables.com/id/RemovingReducing-Fragrance-in-Baby-Oil-Baby-Pow/
Why not water cooling, or get something like mineral oil, just an idea, since it's not an uncommon product. For removing the stuff PKM's ideas sound good, you could also distill the oil and seperate the fragrancing etc, the minerals would be left as sediment and the fragrances would distill off first, I think.
no. distilling oil is very dangerous. its a huge fire hazard. about 2 months ago, a building near my house caught fire; 23 families with no insurance lost their home. the cause: someone put oil in a pan, turned on the element, went to the bathroom. when they got back, the entire wooden kitchen was on fire. if you must distill oil, have a fire extinguisher in your hands, and never leave the oil unattended.
Better idea anyway, I'm thinking a pot of boiling water and the container of oil, since baby oil isn't volatile the perfuming agents will evaporate off first.
all oil is volatile. there are some videos on youtube of the actual transformer on fire.
Oh I meant it's less volatile than perfume stuff, which is designed to evaporate, also baby oil isn't particularly volatile on the list of oils, didn't mean it wasn't at all...
ohh. actually, if you just left the oil in the sun and uncovered, the sent would probably leave on its own after a while.
Some oil "based" perfumes are rather difficult to rid one's self of though. But I am with you, it is not a good heat the oil, especially on a stove (electric nor gas). A "heating pad" (the type you put on your sore neck or appendage) would be the hottest one could safely make it.
and even then, you should do it outdoors, and have an abc fire extinguisher near by.
Sure thing, safety first. I just don't think trying to get rid of a fragrance is the way to go, when it is available without fragrance. And to use an oil that essentially is an insulator more so than a conductor isn't so good either.
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