OK Go's new video has a fantastic Rube Goldberg device

 OK Go has always been keen on including some well thought out visuals in its videos. Their latest is no different. The whole thing is one long Rube Goldberg device. Unlike most videos like this where the camera patiently tracks all the action, the sequence is pretty hectic so pay attention. Or watch it more than once. I'm sure the band won't mind.

Picture of OK Go's new video has a fantastic Rube Goldberg device
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zascecs7 years ago
 This is pretty amazing. 

The sad part is, if you messed up and had to start over, it would take a LOT of time to set everything back up correctly, including buying a new T.V., piano, etc...
*not shot. I meant more than one take.
they messed up a bunch of times, actually. if you pay attention to little details, you can see that the video was actually more than one shot.
sugarhi9117 years ago
That was the greatest video ive ever seen in my life
has anyone seen the other video to this song? the band has ghille suits on. haha
That is probably the coolest thing I have ever watched in action. Someone had a lot of time to do this. Great imagination. 
Vikking7 years ago
 I love Rube Goldberg contraptions, Ive always wanted to build one
xblum.arte7 years ago
lo máx!
EpicIzzy7 years ago
WOOOOW! LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!
Horus93397 years ago
You guys are amazing, awesome, fantastic. This made me and my Misses laugh like children. Thanks for sharing.

You guys are heroes.
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