OK, Let's clarify some things....

  • 1) OK, I will clarify this after it confused me for so much time. For those of you who didn't know,

Eric and canida are married

I tell you this to help you avoid all the stuff I went through. I saw a lot of things that pointed towards this fact, but nothing actually confirmed it. I didn't have the courage to ask here, if I was wrong, the embarrassment would be too much.... So there.

  • What happened to Stasterisk?

Star Simpson is a girl that strapped a fake bomb to her and tried to go through an airport. It was a circuit board with play doh attached to it in certain spots. She is currently a student at MIT, which explains the website url. So if you want to get more of an idea of who this Star Simpson girl is.

Check out

Although, I think Gorillazmiko made that quite clear. Get over it.

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Plasmana9 years ago
Holy crap!
What makes you say that?
WHAT????? THEY'RE MARRIED? For real? o_0 I had wondered, but just assumed I was silly to think so... That would explain why Eric posted his and Christy's signature together...but why don't they have the same last name then? I doubt.
Keith-Kid (author)  Lithium Rain9 years ago
Christy wilhelm........Christy Canida.......Christy wilhelm......Christy Canida.... I guess only the staff can answer that question. Ask them!
Eric actually changed his last name to Canida, but continues to use Eric Wilhelm for business purposes.
ewilhelm canida9 years ago
What? We're married?!?
canida ewilhelm9 years ago
No, you're adopted.
Derin canida9 years ago
ha lol
xACIDITYx Derin9 years ago
Thanks for the bump *rolls eyes*

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