It IS Possible to win a Mythbusters Autograph

 It came in the mail today! I am just as excited as the Erik Beck autograph! Both Adam and Jamie signed a cover of Popular Mechanics that I entered to win in a sweepstakes. I sent just one entry in and 6 months later I get a large envelope from Popular Mechanics Headquarters in NYC.

Picture of It IS Possible to win a Mythbusters Autograph
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was that kid on mythbusters and he blew up his parents car
M4industries (author)  dylanrichards5 years ago
Nope. I wish. I got it from a sweepstakes.
 I am so jealous you are holding something Adam touched.

I can has serious nerd crush.
M4industries (author)  jessyratfink7 years ago
 I see where you're coming from on this, but Jamie is pretty much my role model.
Have you seen Jamie's Lil Pop Gun? It is awesome!
M4industries (author)  dla8887 years ago
See, I made a similar air cannon, but I spent more time on a suitable pressure reservoir made from ABS. Jamie, on the other hand, was focusing on simplicity and used a fire extinguisher as the chamber. Score- Jamie:1, Me:0
I'll have to try something like Jamie did. I've gotten a steel tank and I have lots of steel pipe.
 Careful, Nick might get jealous.
 At first I was all, "Who is Nick?" and then I realized you meant Nic. 

There's no k, silly boy!
amakerguy7 years ago
 Wow!! thats really cool!
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