OMG! It's another speed contest!

You thought we forgot about Valentine's Day. You thought wrong.

Enter the Share the Love Speed Contest and win some robot chocolate.

Mmm... robot chocolate.

Picture of OMG! It's another speed contest!
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zachninme9 years ago
You should automate *some* step in the chocolate-making process so you can say "Made by Robots" -- even if its just the melting!
Say it isn't so !
Robot does not make the chocolate with his signature and likeness on it ? :-(

D'oy! I thought he was too busy sending emails to make chocolate!
Hmm, being a machine, he should be able to do it on the side (or inside as it were), eat cocoa beans, and mild fat, if we must have milk chocolate, some sugar, etc, and out the other end it comes...LOL
My computer is a machine, and it can't make chocolates on the side. YOUR LOGIC IS FLAWED!
Well now, first he is too busy to make it, now he can't make it because he is unable to? :-) I took from the first statement that he was able to, since he was simply too busy to; and proposed an alternative method to make it. ;-)
Adaptation is the key to getting things done (and surviving).
Sunbanks9 years ago
Yay! This time I knew right away what I was going to do!
Bran9 years ago
Looks tasty!
fungus amungus (author)  Bran9 years ago
We ate through the first batch quickly and are looking forward to eating some more when we make the prizes. They're good!
The "winners" are not going to get chocolate that has pieces bit off of them, are they ? LOL
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