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So i just got the original knex roller coaster and i wanna build some stuff but dont know what to build so help me out and post a gun in a comment that will fit my criteria

-has to have a range of atleast 70ft
-has to have a comfy handle
-or if its a model it has to be a really good looking model

and i already have the nar, tr18 , and the freeslinger, but id be willing to take something apart or use the knex in my bins to make something with a lot of pieces.

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Tom Buckey7 years ago
My crossbow V1.2
2010 Logic Bow.
That's basically a TR with a crossbow and a different trigger mechanism.  Sure the mech may increase the power, but oodalumps has made a topic on KI (can't find it right now, but it should be there) on how bows would contract their bands slower than on a normal pin gun and slingshot so it balances out and doesn't really beat the TR in power.

No offense to you or your gun, but you said it beats pretty much anything, so I'm just disproving your statement.
hmm well my L bow shoots further than my tr ever did, also the tactical rails on it give you much more flexibility, on the new one I can remove the wirestock from the storage area then attach it to the back of the gun in about 10 seconds.
The TR shoots round 140-145 with 4 bands and fin ammo.  I don't know about your Lbow but I imagine it would get the same results with the same bands and ammo. 

Who needs tactical rails and a removable wirestock?  I sure don't.  I just extended the one I had on my TR a few days ago and I like it lots better.
KillerK, and I, got 300+ feet with quite a few bands and fin ammo. He even had a video to prove it.
If it was angled then that's believable.  I shot my TR flatThere is a difference.
all very good points, as I said on the slidshow, I got a 10-15% increase in range with the same amount of bands on this and a tr8. I do find the rails very useful, on the NAR Logic bow I had an ammo storage thingy on it. As for the removable stock, I made it like that because the gun is so damn long, even without the stock its linger than a standard Tr, so the stock is removable so it is easier to manouver in confined spaces.

anyways, if you dont like those features just don't build them, or better yet just build a Tr instead
bigdylan91 (author)  Fred the Penguin7 years ago

unposted at the moment, it is a better version of the original turreted version, I'll get a slideshow up soon

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