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Oblivitus8 years ago
Thanks for posting this, I didn't know where it came from.
gmjhowe8 years ago
ZOMG, someone put a red bit on a white bit and named it 'ammo' now shush about it.
jollex gmjhowe8 years ago
Actually, they didn't stumble across it, oodalumps actually tested every single combination of rod and connector.
DJ Radio jollex8 years ago
He never said they stumbled on the ammo. He just said someone put a red connector on a white rod and used it as ammo.
jollex DJ Radio8 years ago
I know, and I was simply pointing out that they didn't stumble upon it.
DJ Radio jollex8 years ago
What the hell is oodammo?!
Just click the link man!
knexguy8 years ago
Why does it matter if people don't know?
jollex8 years ago
Hence why its called oodammo, as in oodalumps
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