i am trying to develpo an instructable for building an OZONE GENERATOR. Any help out there?

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sditype7 years ago
I made an Ozone generator with a neon sign transformer as follows.

*** DEADLY WARNING # 1 High Voltage can Kill you! ****

It's always best to keep one hand in your pocket when around HV so your heart won't be in the current path if you become part of the circuit.

Needed: Neon transformer, acrylic tubes, variac, foil, screen, wood, nails, tape and probably a lack of normality.

Take the two HV output wires (solid conductor spark plug wire should work) from a neon transformer and fasten them along a 2X2 wood stick about 15" long. My transformer is 7500V, 150VA and has its center tap internally grounded.

Each lead was wrapped to a 2" nail protruding out the end of the stick. The nails are about and inch apart and slightly spread open. At this point I was able to generate an arc.

I took a 5" acrylic tube about 18" long and taped metal foil arond the outside and lined the inside with copper screen, I just rolled up the screen and slid it in. I then added 4 stips of thin wood perpendicular to the wood stick to form a H to hold the pole in the middle of the acrylic tube.

I connected one nail to a wire on the screen and ran a wire from the other nail around the end of the tube and wrapped a bit foil around it. The tube forms a capacitor which is in series with the transformer's inductance. When turned on the arc at the nails was 3 times stronger. This might short out the secondary coil so I used a variac (varible AC transformer) on the 120V input to the neon transformer to adjust the output to below the arcing threshold. I also checked with a clap on ammeter that the current draw was less then an amp. The unit is rated at 150VA so you don't want to exceed this rating.

I attached the wood stick to the transformer and slid the whole thing into a large 10" diameter acrylic tube for protection. - done.



When turned on there is a buzz and a purple glow between the foil and screen layers and the smell of lots of Ozone. I pointed the device into my AC return air stream and left for a couple hours. After airing out the house very well the bad A/C smell is now gone. ( I did preciously clean the A/C coils but the smell had returned.)

Good luck.
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jtobako10 years ago
what type of help? you need a high voltage source like a marx generator (diode and capacitor cascade) or tesla coil. look into air purifiers.
You can also use an old computer moniter, I've made these things before.
trebuchet0310 years ago
Out of curiosity.... why? O3 is a ground pollutant and not very healthy for human tissue :(

In any case, pass a current through air ;) That's how mother nature takes care of it - lightning :)
Ozone is also benificial for cleaning water. I've used it for swimming pools in the past. Clorine is a lot easier and cheaper though. Any electrical arc creates Ozone as a byproduct. Not enough to be hazardous, but enough to smell.
Danny10 years ago
there is how to make one on a site i once saw ill link it when i get home coz i got a link