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This is a group for all Obama supporters!!! WHOOT!!! :D

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Go McCain!
This is an "Obama only" forum.
I'm not even going to bother clicking on this.
why its an epic flame war
let's hit obama with I_A_C's cannon. in fact why not 50 of i_a_c's cannons.... >:-)
why obama? Mccain lost the election....
And rightly so...
J4mm3r57 years ago
Not American...Still like him!!!!!!
J4mm3r5 J4mm3r57 years ago
Owenmon J4mm3r57 years ago
What does "YES WE CAN" stand for? Yes we can raise taxes, get rid of hospitals, kill millions of babys? -.-
Vynash Owenmon6 years ago
thank you! (late comment, but just looking through how much of a butt obama is)
J4mm3r5 Owenmon7 years ago
No idea, I'm not even American, i just thought it suited the topic...
I don't know. They haven't PROVEN he's not American. There's the birth certificate issue, and the fact that he was adopted by an Indonesian and travelled on an Indonesian passport into his adulthood. But I'm still not quite ready to say "Not American".
I mean im not american
Oh, OK. Sorry 'bout that.
They haven't proven he's not american?

Trying to prove a negative. Not american until proven so... right?
Good point!
I'm an Obama supporter and so are most of the people I know. I feel that he will get us out of this endless war in the right way, he'll help our foreign relations, and get out country focused on the right things. I am absolutely terrified that people can look at the McCain/Palin ticket and think they're capable of doing anything but giving speeches to try to relate to ignorant people that know nothing about what's going on in the world - so far most of their supporters only seem to be saying they don't want any "terrorists" in the white house, no "blacks" in the white house, or any babies getting aborted, though they don't want to teach people to be responsible about sex either. I really have not heard anything logical from McCain supporters about why he should be elected. I only hear attacks on Obama, and these attacks are far-fetched and crafted so that they appeal to people that only get their news from one source. Even some of the comments in this thread are really upsetting. :(
not starting an arguement, but obama wants peace, and if you have studied some stuff about pece the only way to make peace is to have war, if you have peace straight away then there will be a war, but i don't care too much about who wins...
We've already had our war. For years now we've been at war. So I'm not sure what you're trying to say here. :)
war is never good, i just think obama is a little to "peacy"... but i agree that all of the world hates america and we need to get more involved with all of the other countries.
We are involved in other countries. Unfortunately, "involved" means "occupying".

That's why everyone hates us.
Or the fact that most Americans are arrogant.

Coming from a Canadian-American :D
Owenmon bumpus7 years ago
That is too true.
We are not arrogant!

We're way too perfect to be arrogant.
. ROFLMMFAO!! . You've made the list of quotes on my personal page.
HAHAHAHAHA! It's true, it's true.
the only way to make peace is to have war

Your statement if both completely contradictory and false. And absurd. War is not necessary for peace. It's a frame of mind like yours that starts wars.
well i am not saying to have wars is good
Obviously with that level of misspelling he should have studied English, not war ;-) He is woefully misrepresenting the famous quote from Vegetius "He who desires peace, prepare for war"
Haha, nice. I'm glad that at least some one knows the meaning of the quote. It really bothers me when people misinterpret it.
I knew I'd heard a quote like that before, thanks.
It is a lot like saying: The only way to get things clean is to make they dirty....um, what? :-)
No offense meant to Obama (no I don't think he's a muslim or terrorist), but I feel don't feel he's the right leader at this time. Call me doomsayer, but IMHO, the world's goin' doooooown, I'd really like someone with military experience, even if it was mostly being in a dungeon. Then there's the environment, I don't feel either candidate has a really spectacular plan, so I'll let that one drop. Obama definitely has the edge on being youthful, and not had about every bone broken, so yah, he's probably in better shape. But McCain has experience, he's spent his entire adult life in service of his country, and a track record of voting for what he believes to be the best choice for the country, not how the party or lobbyists feel. Obama has only about 4 years experience, and a track record of voting with his party (suggesting ehem, party loyalty?BB), regardless of the subject. As for abortion, I'm pro-let-her-decide, which McCain isn't (crumbs), but with global meltdown looming, I don't think it's a very pressing issue.

I kinda think we may have had this conversation before...
experience isnt everything, just look at george w. bush(:( :( :( :( :( :()
Yeah. GWB didn't have much experience... and gas went up. I'm looking.
BOO GEORGE!!!! although from what my parents told me his dad wasnt that bad. and when your parents (and yourself) are democrats, you know he had to have been pretty good.
Hooray, George Bush Is A Poof I'm Not Even American
I see your point, but I'd rather see someone who's a bit more in touch with modern life than someone who doesn't use e-mail.
Yes, because eMail is what's going to get the gas prices down. Yes, eMail will end the war. definitely...
He doesn't? Dash... Ack well... At least he can communicate when *gasp* the internet fails!
I wonder how much he's going to spend retrofitting the White house with type writers and fax machines?


*searches for an idol of Wburg's to make fun of*
Eric is scared of Texas squirrels!
bannana inventor (author)  KentsOkay7 years ago
At least you have a real reason to dislike him. :D
bannana inventor (author)  KentsOkay7 years ago
Ahh... (I do?)
bannana inventor (author)  KentsOkay7 years ago
You said he's not the right guy for now.
. I read that as they are almost equally qualified (or unqualified), but, due to the turbulent times, McCain would be the better choice. Maybe I read that into it because it's pretty close to the way I feel. ;)
Aye, thas it! Way to condensing mah speech into a sentance...
Oh! (that's a legitimate reason?)
. I don't know how logical this will be, but I hope it will at least be reasonable.
. If the election were today, I'd vote for McCain. But I've been leaning that way less since he recruited Ms. Palin. Good chance I'll switch.
. I certainly agree that she is out of touch (waaaaayyyy out of touch), but I think McCain has a good (not perfect) understanding of how things work.
. I am pro-choice, but I really can see where the citizen-from-conception ppl are coming from. I don't agree with them, but I can see where they are coming from. Wanting to ban abortion and sex education doesn't make any sense to me. Prevention is the best medicine. Knowledge is power. &c.
. I guess my main problem with Obama is his inexperience. But he does seem to realize his shortcomings and seems to be willing to address them. Getting Biden onboard helps.
. Secondly, I'm a big fan of smaller gov't - the antithesis of the Democratic platform.
. Colin Powell's endorsement means a lot to me. I have a lot of respect for the man, and, if he likes Obama, I have to pay attention.
. I have to agree with you - I'm sick and tired of all the "He's a terrorist!" BS. As far as I can tell, he's an upstanding American. No less loyal an American than McCain (although war hero is pretty impressive). I may not agree with his politics, but I have to respect the man for what he has accomplished.
I'll be voting for Obama. Not a difficult choice for someone who's never voted for a republican (well, president, anyway....)
i am really starting to hate the my friends thing
The funny thing is that the stereotypical McCain supporter really does exist. Today at my school, lots of kids duct taped over there mouths because it was "Silence for Life Day", an anti-abortion thing. Many of these kids were wearing McCain/Palin shirts, and some "Barack Hussein Osama" shirts. It really made me sad.
KentsOkay Gjdj37 years ago
Bloody ideological fools making all of us Conservatives look bad....
Gjdj3 KentsOkay7 years ago
Haha. Yeah, I don't have a problem with most McCain supporters. Just the "bloody ideological fools".
The thing that really bugs me is how little McCain talks about himself. All he does is tell you why Obama would be bad, not why he would be good.
Except for that one time McCain defended Obama
in one of the debates.
Agreed Jessy. The McCain/Palin ticket is only about trying to get elected into office. Now that they are back in the polls, they have resorted to constant attacks on Obama, which are completely false and misleading. Recent polls have shown that these attacks have not done much to sway voters. (Thankfully) It is also mind-boggling to see how some McCain supporters call Obama a terrorist, and many other nasty remarks. Unfortunately, this presidential race has become one about race. Quite honestly, if Barack Obama was white, he would be winning in a landslide. Hopefully Barack Obama can overcome this Presidential "race." I could go on and on, but it is time for dinner.
You have a good point. People are stupid... His mom's white for goodness sakes! Race realy shouldn't be an issue, but it is...
So true. We are forced to ask ourselves, what the presidential "race" is.
bannana inventor (author)  jessyratfink7 years ago
I totally agree! Everything these McCain supporters say is that Obama is a muslim, they never actually have something logical to disagree with. Yes, I am also terrified of McCain/Palin, Palin is very unintelligent and McCain is kind of nuts. I'm just hoping that Obama wins this election. :D
Skreetsha7 years ago
Woohoo!!! Obama is the best and has the best ideas!!! I don't live in America but i do think he will do good things for you guys :D
Nor do i and i stilll think he is good (PS where do u live)
I live in Holland, Utrecht. :D
fair enough
Lol, where do you live?
Bristol, England
Ok :P
You were meant to say fair enough so we could start this all over again lol
bannana inventor (author)  Skreetsha7 years ago
Me too. Gas is already $1.49 where I live. It never should have been $4.20. he only reason it was is that Bush was in control of the oil companies. Now it will go down. The stocks have been going up a little too. :D
now it went up. still low, though. only $2.00 :D
I went down while Bush was still in office, at least up here.
george bush is STILL in charge of them! =P
Yay, for stocks by Obama XD
bannana inventor (author)  Skreetsha7 years ago
Yay!!! :D LOL.
barrax7 years ago
i can be him??? He's me, but not me? Barrax Obama
DJ Radio barrax7 years ago
lol, that was my idea.
J4mm3r57 years ago
Sandisk1duo7 years ago
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bannana inventor (author) 7 years ago
OBAMA WON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
T.T good-bye america, hello WWIII
builder9687 years ago
nice. another Democrat. OH YEAH!!!!! HE WON!!!!!
bannana inventor (author)  builder9687 years ago
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