Oblivion - K'nex Ball Machine.

Hi! Here is the last ball machine  I was working on, It was the second i have made.It was going to have 20 paths, but I ended up only managing 7, before I ran out of knex. It was 8+ feet tall, 5 or 6 feet long, and used 5 different lifts, they were as follows: Chain 2, Stepper, Spiral, Stair.  It had four towers. And over all, It was my best work! (So far....)


I just added some new pics, The 5th - 9th .

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Sorunome7 years ago
Pic 10 and 25 are the same!!
Shadowman398 years ago
Cool, so you're still building it? Good job on the stair lift ;-). Like Mr. Muggle said, 14 paths does sound like a lot (Death Trap only had 11 and Wipe Out had only had 10), but if you know you have enough pieces, go for it!

By the way, you should make a video of it when you're done.
Jesus. (author)  Shadowman397 years ago
Sorry, no video. It's gone now. *sniff* 
Really? Why did you take it down?
Jesus. (author)  Shadowman397 years ago
I ran out of knex.
That's too bad.
Jesus. (author)  Shadowman398 years ago
Yes, I want it to be better then both of yours (well I hope it will be),
By having more pathes.

I will.
You'll need to add 2 more chain lifts to make it bigger than Death Trap. ;-)
Jesus. (author)  Shadowman397 years ago
0ne more chain lift!
How many paths and lifts does it have so far?
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