Obsolete Skills?

A long list of skills someone thinks are obsolete.
"Building a Heathkit" is on there :-(

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Kiteman9 years ago
Driving a manual gearbox ("stickshift") is on there!

As far as I know, the US is the only country where proper gearboxes have been replaced by automatics.
[Generic followup to all of the "standard shift" comments under Kiteman...&#93]

They haven't all been replaced. The high-end sports cars still have manual transmissions, and you can even buy hybrids with manuals.

My first car (which I had for 17 years!) was a 1988 Ford Festiva with four-speed manual transmission. I learned to drive a stick on real Jeep (my reserve unit had several at the time along with the Chevy's they used before Humvees); that car also had the greatest "cruise control" I've ever seen -- a ratcheted pull-knob which pulled down the accelerator!

My second car is a 2005 Honda Civic hybrid. It is an "automatic" transmission, but one of the new continuously-variable ones. Where the goal is to maximize efficiency, this is a far better option than either a "regular" automatic or a manual transmission. The computer-controlled CVT can dial in (nearly) the exact gear ratio needed to keep the engine at optimal output. It isn't perfect, but pretty darn close.
My old ('62) Land Rover had one of the pull-and-lock throttle controls. I think it was for running the PTO off the back (sawmill, etc.), but I used it as cruise control.
Most likely. Laziness and all that. It's hard to shift and eat McDonald's while talking on your cellphone and having to maneuver around your gigantic body. :D I've always wanted to drive a manual, but I don't know that I'll really get the chance. I only know a couple of people that drive them.
Really? We must have better handeye co-ordination, we manage the manual, the burger, the juice, a feg and a phone...
Definitely better hand-eye coordination, then.
Say no more... *wishes I was there, could do the perfect cheeky wink and noise...
Yay, cheeky! I'm getting a mental picture of Doctor Who right about now.

Yep. Officially obsessed.
Which one? I've met the most recent two...

Obsession isn't a good way to live but at least we get to have intervention parties
Both of them. :D
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