Obtaining Used Fishing Nets?

For my [http://http//rraft.blogspot.com rRaft] I need a way to lash all the bottles together. I've been thinking used fishing nets, but can't seem to find a cheap source of them. Any ideas?

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iwalker6 years ago
Hi, everyone just saw this post and wanted everyone to know that i work for a net recycling business from Seattle called The Net Shed and you can find us on Ebay and Etsy. We offer used marine grade fishing net and you can email us at Thenetshed@gmail.com for any size order. This is not like normal net this is made for fishing and will probably last longer then you. Also, it is very affordable, at least 50% off the price of new.
golfer123459 years ago
make your own may take a little time but cheap if you have the stuff
Weissensteinburg (author)  golfer123459 years ago
Out of what?
like yarn for small fish or thick rope or fishing line witch is kinda hard to work with so prete much just any kind if thin but strong rope
I think he's referring to DIY net making from rope...
Sunbanks9 years ago
Well, if you drink lots of six packs of soda you could use the plastic thingies.
You'd still have to link them all together, right ? :-)
Well yeah, but you could have two loops over one bottle.
Ok....*confused look.* I must be missing something.... :-)
Ok i will draw a picture. Hold on a moment.
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