Off To College

Greetings fellow iblers!

Well, the summer has come to a rapid close, and in 4 days (!!!) I am going to be off to the University of Rhode Island, studying the arts of Mechanical Engineering, Philosophy, and the Spanish language.  

First off, I want to thank this awesome community (new members and old) for an awesome 4 year experience.  Despite some drawbacks, this is a community that has greatly matured as mechanical designers, and more importantly, as members of a team, throughout the years, and I am proud to have been a part of it. 

Now, although I won't have access to K'nex, I will have access to a computer, to a pencil and paper, and to the resources that will strengthen and broaden my understanding of mechanical functions.  This is not goodbye quite yet.  I will still be very active among the community with comments and plan to continue my "Guide to the next generation of K'nex Guns" as long as I can find the time.  I will also be thinking up new mechanisms and concepts (that's going to be my job in college anyways) and will post designs as much as I can.  And who knows, I might just surprise you guys with something over Christmas break. *hint hint*

I am going to try and get instructions up for my improved Kinno-2 within the next couple days.  It now holds 8 shots, has a locking mag release, and will feature a much better bullet mag, so keep an eye out for it.

Again, thanks to everybody who has made this such a great experience, and while my methods may change a bit, I will keep working to engineer a stronger community, no matter where I may find myself!

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JonnyBGood5 years ago
Hey... I know what its like posting stuff is still possible just a little harder to fit in. Anyway, Good Luck Kinetic
we are going to miss you kinetic
DJ Radio5 years ago
The silver age of knex has come to an end. Good luck at College man.
mulletman65 years ago
Have fun at college and i'll look forward to the Kinno -2. Will you be posting any pictures of your sling pistols internals before you go?
Kinetic (author)  mulletman65 years ago
The ible for the Kinno-2 will be up tomorrow, as will some internals of the KSP. Thanks for supporting me all this time man, and it has been a pleasure to build with you.

And you will see the fruits of my college experience on this website, I can guarantee it!
You're welcome - in my opinion you are definately one of the best gun designers on this website. I look forward to building the Kinno-2 and the KSP.
Kinetic (author)  mulletman65 years ago
That means a lot man, thanks.

The Kinno-2 is on its way, as are the pictures of the KSP. I just couldn't get it all done the day I said I would, so I apologize for that, but all the pictures have been taken, and I have been working on the instructable from my dorm.
You're welcome :). While waiting for the instructions for the Kinno -2 i was able to make your Vice CKG Bolt Action Rifle from the pictures. Had a few problems, but got it working now. Its not quite as powerful as my ZKAR, but its still a good gun. I'm looking forward to building the Kinno - 2 :)
How are you getting on with the instructions?
innovanna5 years ago
Well man this is it for now. Not saying knex isnt important to some of us but dont worry about them. This is the start of your new adult life. Ill defiantly keep active in the community and keep posting innovative ideas and guns just like u told me to. I learned alot from u man. Thank you for everything u have done in this community. And looking forward to that kinno 2!
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