Offensive Ads

Found this ad whilst browsing. I believe it is inappropriate for a family-oriented site (I know it's not you guys fault so don't think I'm angry at you) Ad: (didn't post it here because I didn't want it popping up below this post)

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fwjs288 years ago
hrmmm, that most likely was provided by google syndicate which monitors your search results and then displays different ads based on your likes which are saved via cookies....(bad booy, stop with teh pron)
LMFAO! So basically we know that he likes err... :) The weird thing is, I got ads for women's underwear... maybe by night I subconsciously play transvestite.
munchman (author)  A good name8 years ago
Google: they read our email, save our searches, and now.... they implant tracking cookies IN OUR MINDS!
fwjs28 munchman8 years ago
oh, oh scared...
Laughing so hard now.
:P....I can let this comment dissapear, but it'll cost ya....and yes kryptonite,very funny will don't you dare start the very very annoying thing
munchman (author)  fwjs288 years ago
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