Offensive Images on Search Engines

This is a Topic I've been wanting to discuss for a while, Offensive Images on Search Engines

You've probably searched on google for a perfectly innocent image for something, only to get some what most will consider some very offensive images, mainly the male member (please stay classy on this, no comments I beg of you)

This has really become an issue as these people insert popular keywords into these image sites so they will appear if one searches for something completely unrelated. This is truly a problem for moral people trying to go on with their regular lives.

These cases have also moved out of search engines, as many of you will unfortunately remember hello.png ( I extremely warn you, DO NOT GOOGLE THIS! EXTREMELY OFFENSIVE> YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED NOW INSTRUCTABLES NOR I TAKE ANY RESPONSIBILITY FOR ANY RESULTS OF NOT FOLLOWING IT. )

I would like to see your points of view in this topic

Picture of Offensive Images on Search Engines
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gschoppe9 years ago
that's nasty, I just googled "hello.png", to see what I was missing, and I was absolutely disgusted to find this:
Keith-Kid (author)  gschoppe9 years ago
its .jpeg hello.jpeg Misspelled sorry!
Keith-Kid (author)  gschoppe9 years ago
lol. But still, if you found the real one, dont say I didnt warn you
. You're braver than I am. I learned my lesson when someone told me I HAD to check out some "2 girls, 1 cup" video. Maybe it was 1 girl, 2 cups, I dunno, I try to block it out.
saw it, puked, saw reaction videos on you tube.... old lady, priceless.
Doctor What9 years ago
It's not so much moral people, it almost includes everybody. I really don't want to google the word, pokemon, and have a picture of picachu doing some unspeakable things to misty pop up. It's really annoying. But google has strict safe search, so you should be alright.
Keith-Kid (author)  Doctor What9 years ago
teen titans gives some......weird results..
Yeah... Try strict safe search. You can change it in your settings to prevent any bad images.
dsman1952769 years ago
I know what you mean,(sorry about bringing my religion into this) i once did a search and i was looking through the pages and saw a picture of a guy pretending to be Jesus wearing a diaper walking down the street. i have also seen that when i search for what ever i am searching for i need to make sure that i explain exactly what i am searching for or many pictures that have nothing to do with the topic come up.
That picture is from a video, and it was completely a joke. If you get offended by it, you just have no sense of humor.
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