Office wars: cannon , piece count! (K'Nex)

well if you have heard (you have now!) i have made a cannon for the office wars saga started by Dinky. it is very cool, instead of having a block trigger there is a pin you pull out of the top. it works like a real cannon, but mini. it gets a really good range*, concerting its size and piece count.


light grey-----1
dark grey----12

blue spacers------------------------12
tan locks/blue connectors-----4
grey spacers------------------------2
black hands-------------------------1

total: 280 exact.

sorry i don't have a recent picture of it. my camera is dead. but i have a older picture.

  • i don't have a exact range measurement but i can shoot it across my room easily and it hits the wall with a decent amount of force. for the record the room i shot it across is around 10-15 feet long.

Picture of Office wars: cannon , piece count! (K'Nex)
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danbaha7 years ago
What does it shoot?
Pretty much anything
danbaha7 years ago
What does it shoot?
An Villain8 years ago
smidge1479 years ago
lol awesome!
dsman195276 (author)  smidge1479 years ago
thanks! well, i have three some what good pictures of the newest version. here they are. i hope you like it! the green rods on the front two white connectors are ammo. though blue rods are the best for this you can load 3 green rods for a shotgun type effect. its a good effective little weapon. now i just need a job to use it at lol.
like the new version of the cannon.Hey man can you send me some instructions of it at
Capt. Fat8 years ago
you should add it to the office wars group.
combatknex9 years ago
cool i just built it its actually very powerful
Well it really depends on the bands.
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