Official Instructables Logos

Here are a few editable files of the Instructables logos and the Instructables Robot.  If you'd like to use them off of our site, please email service at instructables dot com to ask permission. 

Too access high-res jpg versions of the images, select the image then click on the "i" in the upper left corner of the image.  You'll then have the option to download many sizes.  We've got eps files too!

If you like working with graphics and think that you can come up with something better or new for us - go for it! If we like it, we will send you something cool.

More Instructables Robot images here and here.

Picture of Official Instructables Logos
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katerlyn4 years ago
I absolutely LOVE my two instructables shirts and I get very nice comments about them. I like this logo that tells right by the robot what it's about. My shirt the website URL is tiny on back. I play wallyball at the local YMCA and I hope it is good advertising. I also hope to make one like this with more information. LOVE IT All! Thanks
Tomdf5 years ago
Mmm, tasty vector files
nikoj6 years ago
It is cool!
It is my first account picture!
Arbitror7 years ago
The Instructables Shadow Robot!
Shadow Ops Square.jpg
More here.
How is the robot logo licensed?  Could someone put it on a t-shirt and sell it to instructables fans?
Garth Knight10 years ago
More Robot for you all.
C:\instructables files\Drakbot.jpgC:\instructables files\frankenbot.jpgC:\instructables files\MUMMYBOT.jpg
Tried to come up with a robot version of my avatar.. Gave up after a while : - )

P/S: How am I suppose to draw the robot's knee??
knees are tough... So... who is your avaitar? looks like a football mascot or something similar. How about THESE Robot legs???
C:\instructables files\robot w-legs.jpg
HOLY F**K!!!!
Hahaha! LOL!
ROFL!!! Nice one!! Love the perverted smile on his face..LOL

looks like a football mascot or something similar.
It's the P.O.W character from the (somewhat) old Metal Slug arcade game.
n8man gyromild9 years ago
the robot doesn't run, it rolls
Plasmana n8man9 years ago
awang8 Plasmana8 years ago
Ha Ha!
hey - you made the vampire one! That's famous here!
Whoaa! Awesome!
Here's my attempt at a ninja. Kind of simple, but straight to the point. I might add more some time later.
cool!!! good job!!!
Give him a Katana on his back!
i like its simplicity. i knew what it was as soon as i saw it.
Hey those are great! Here's one i made.....
Instructables Robot 2.bmp
Thanks, He rocks. can you put his bike in the picture?
Posssibly ya, i might be able to add it! Also Garth can you posssibly make a robot picture of me! Just check my pic out! It would be so cool if you could! Thanks.
See what you think of this... my 3 year old walked in and said "robot-witch silly" and now that image is stuck in my head. I meant him to be a wizard, -really.
C:\instructables files\robot wizard.jpg
And his nuclear warning staff ;-)
Quick, enter these in the Hallowe'en competition!
I don't really think there is a proper category, but thanks for the suggestion.
Canida said to post them in a thread in the halloween contest forum, and someone already started them. post them in this thread in the DIY Halloween forum
I'd enter them in the Pictures and Video section.
These are so good I now have to work harder to compete. Time for me to go back to the coloring board. Nice Job!
These are awesome! I particularly love the wrapping on his antenna.
I love the mummy.. :)
Garth Knight10 years ago
C:\instructables files\piratebot.jpg
Was that at all modeled on Jack Sparrow?
make the wheels larger and but a rotor tail so that it can float and swin
All Wrong, you mean CAPTAIN Jack Sparrow, lmao, jk jk
Aww..your pirate is better than mine. ...seriously, how do you do it?
I have the origional Robot.eps file which I open as a .jpg at a whopping 1000dpi. Then open one (1) beer. .................... Twenty minutes later: here, take a look at this:
C:\instructables files\drawing.jpg
Did you make that? Pretty cool. problem is making the inconsistent width the cube has, and making them look smooth/natural.
In this case, I do not feather the line I cut out. Rather I have smoothing set to the highest setting. It can be a real pain as the program curves the line, not always where it's wanted.
Garth Knight10 years ago
C:\instructables files\KITEBOTb.jpg
Dang, these are good...Do I get a pilot one? Or something with Apple, though I admittedly still use Windows (yuck). Maybe I should just make one myself.
well, it's not the robot, but I hope you like:
C:\instructables files\applegear.jpg
That was fun! I don't have Photoshop, but I sure learned a lot about the GIMP!
Robot in hat.png
Derin CameronSS9 years ago
sweet. do more! I can't be the only one doing these.
That is cool!
Ooo and apple with an oreo in it LOL jkg.


Yeah, I know I don't say that much.
But I just had to. :-)
Love it! Maybe I'll quit being lazy and actually make my own, and add in Robot somehow. Thanks!
is that eric?
It's Kiteman...
You should see the latest Robot mods here %-)


Garth Knight10 years ago
C:\instructables files\ROBOTnHALO.jpg
Hahahaha! This one is so COOL, AWSOME!!! Great job!
Flumpkins8 years ago
A something I created:
Erik Robot.gif
Ha ha. I hope Eric doesn't mind.
*shrugs* Go to GorillazMiko's forum called "What's the funniest picture youve ever seen?" And there should be a picture of Eric in the toilet.
Garth Knight10 years ago
big weekend for robot. now it's off to the rack for --- sheesh, a few hours, and into work.
C:\instructables files\partying.jpgC:\instructables files\robotdjn.jpg
Robot, was this at the EndUp? I think I saw you there...
I think the robot would tell you his, uh... gps was turned off that evening. GK
he has a gps chip that is impossible to turn off and uploads to
awang8 Derin8 years ago
Not that impossible, all he has to do is build a laser to destroy the satellite. It's still on, but it doesn't work!
Derin awang88 years ago
awang8 Derin8 years ago
He he...

It's kinda funny...
awang88 years ago
Sounds fun! Beep Beep. Electronic transfer complete.
Baked Beans Robot.gif
Garth Knight10 years ago
FFRRRREEEEDDOOOOMMMMMM!!! ~ ~ ~ robots unite
C:\instructables files\robo-equality.jpg
*unites* BEEP BEEP BEEP oops low battery *dies*
Derin Derin9 years ago
ok im recharged and i brought this laser
Ha i like that one. Your really great at those.
Bran10 years ago
Looked fun.
i have a fro.
Garth Knight10 years ago
The revolution begins...
C:\instructables files\viva robot.jpg
lol che!

Gage9879 years ago
if you went gangster and bought a benz and wore clothes
i like 50 cent...
Derin DJ Radio9 years ago
my friend called canberk loves 50 cent
so does me?
Garth Knight10 years ago
Does anybody get the joke I drew into FrankenBot?
Frankenstein didn't like fire yet his thumb is sprouting a flame.
See Movie "Young Frankenstein" to get joke.
nice robots by the way
Is that Young FrankenBot?
Yes. I'm glad somebody got it. I was afraid it would be lost on this crowd.
Zuma079 years ago
My computer wont open the image. Can someone help me?
this is my gangster
Garth Knight10 years ago
Here's Santa. I'm working on Hanukkah Harry
C:\instructables files\SANTABOT.jpg
HEY! WHERE'S MY MUFFIN ROBOT? Hehe... you don't have to... I don't even think it's possible. (although it would be awesome to combine two of the most awesomest things in the universe into one...)
Right here ;-P Robot loves muffins
You mean Y3S!
Glad you like it
That's awesome!
I'd make you one, but i cant see any recurring theme :S
Thanks :D
He'll be next to a Hannuka bush, right?
xACIDITYx9 years ago
What Are EPS files? Vector?
Gjdj39 years ago
Here's mine! Crap. I can't figure out how to put images in here. I click add images but it won't show any of my pictures. Anyway, it's just my avatar.
Kiteman10 years ago
I believe the appropriate response is "w00t!"
Goodhart Kiteman10 years ago
So does that out date Woo-hoo ? Or just abbreviate it ? (Sorry, it has been like I have been in a cave for the past 25-30 years, I know *sigh*) A recent drawing of one of my campaigns:
Kiteman Goodhart10 years ago
"w00t" is an exclamation of how good stuff is. Woo-woo is stuff that people when it's wrong, like creationism and free energy.
CameronSS Kiteman10 years ago
Here (at least among the people I talk to) w00t generally means that something is anticlimactic, e.g., "Great news! I just tied my shoes!" "Woot!"
Goodhart Kiteman10 years ago
Oh, pardon me . I have been out of it for awhile. Woo-Hoo, was akin to Yahoo! an Whoop(i)! at one all of those have different connotations too *sigh*
I'll double that! w00t! w00t! Heh.
Garth Knight10 years ago
i logo
C:\instructables files\Instructables.jpg
Goodhart10 years ago
Ok, showing my lack of experience again, is EPS signifying PostScript files ?
noahw (author)  Goodhart10 years ago
Yup, EPS stands for Encapsulated PostScript.
Goodhart noahw10 years ago
nice ones garth
Mr. Rig It10 years ago
Oh man! Cool ideas here! Meet Pumpkinstien.
Garth Knight10 years ago
Christmas is coming...
For some of us, it's already been...
Is that for real? very neat. If so, i had missed that they had already been done. The one I posted is just photoshopped. I guess I had better go look at the instructables store. GK
Those aren't in the store, they're prizes for contests.
It's real, and in my pocket as I type. T3_Muffinator won one, and his has his Muffin avatar on it.
Hehe, I'll post!
Yeah, we're allowed to put a small bw picture on it. Mine has the banner from my website, minus the ".com".
gyromild Kiteman10 years ago
That is unfair..showoff! :)
Kiteman gyromild10 years ago
> smug <
A few.
lman copy.jpg
gyromild10 years ago
Robot box set
Kiteman gyromild10 years ago
Ooh, I like. I'll use it to keep a stickers in!
Garth Knight10 years ago
Kiteman, i forgot your kite, here you go.
Garth Knight10 years ago
who can make a good stop motion style animation following the Instructables robot thru his many daily adventures? The script writes itself. Robot in the background of daily current events, at home... Take any sitcom or movies of the past few decades and mash them up with Robot; and any of the other "bots" that have shown up lately. I see him doing stand up -Jerry Sienfieldbot. -as C-botPO -looking for Sarah Conner -3 bots and a baby -Indiana Bot and the temple of... It just doesn't stop. GK ps. please send me 4% of all gross made including merchandising tie-ins, -everything.
Garth Knight10 years ago
You know... In another week or so we won't be able the avatars apart:) (we are like the Sneetches with stars upon thars - Dr. Seuss)
Garth Knight10 years ago
Big weekend. booking photo
C:\instructables files\ROBERTBOOKING.jpg
OK, I'm getting jealous now - where's my Robot?
C:\instructables files\KITEBOT.jpg
I do these as "speed graphics" to see how fast I can rework an image from start to finish, at night before the ambien kicks in. The wife would rather I got my arse in bed, and to the office on time in the am. Sigh. More pictures to come, but I don't know just when. GK
I'll work on kitemans tonight =]
Captain Robot..back from a voyage.
oops, forgot the picture
tomonto10 years ago
tehe. i was bored so i tried it
C:\Documents and Settings\a Tom\My Documents\My Pictures\si tom\robot.jpg
tomonto10 years ago
i made my own. and the hats to big.
Who might this be?
too cool! (I wonder if Hasselhof knowns he is back on the world stage)
The Instructables Robot, promoting A healthy lifestyle since 2005.
Garth Knight10 years ago
Another one... who is this? I will upload the files in a day or so, now I sleep.
C:\instructables files\ROBOT LEMONIE.jpg
Wow! That's really good! Photoshop or illustrator??
Low tech approch: I opened the .eps as a raster image at 1000 dpi, then cut/paste/drew in various layers while drinking heavily. I have jasc Paint Shop Pro 9, and while I would love to work in vector graphics, I've not had the time to figure out what prog is best. Q: vector images can be converted to raster, but can raster images be converted to vector? Note: NO knex were used in this project. (it CAN be done people)
Yeah. There are some apps- Adobe Illustrator has a tracing feature, and Flash has trace bitmap tool.
Is that me? L (I'm saving a copy anyway)
Hope you don't mind. I had thought you were wearing red tinted eyeglasses in the avatar, then I blew it up and saw that it appears to be a pub photo... with red GLASSES on your face. been there/done that. so thought it would be fun to make a "robot" version.
Yea I like it. L
noahw (author)  Garth Knight10 years ago
Robot, are you smoking? That'll kill you! At best make you sick.
Garth Knight10 years ago
C:\instructables files\ROBOTLLAMA13.jpg
SacTownSue ll.1310 years ago
"The girl with kaleidoscope eye..." sorta
OhMyGod--- Too funny. without knowing it I am jumping on an internet craze. Stop the madness! Are you evil eyebrow dude?
C:\instructables files\evileyebrowbot.jpg
ll.1310 years ago
Needs some more work. especially the orange
CameronSS10 years ago
Question: when a picture is posted in the forum comments, is there a way to view the original image, like clicking the "i" in an Instructable or forum topic image? Also: is there a way to take the PDF files and save them as PNG or TIFF? I hate JPEGs for nice, high-quality, large images like these-JPEG lossy compression fuzzes the clean edges. Not sure what I'll do with these, but I can probably find something. Maybe I'll make myself a new desktop background.
noahw (author)  CameronSS10 years ago
I don't think that comment pictures have the "i", however, if you click on the picture, a larger format will open up. Whether that is the original full size format that the user uploaded - I don't know. Most image editors that can read .pdf's should be able to save or export them as whatever you would like.
Bran10 years ago
I have Photoshop CS2, but when I try to open up one of the .eps files, it says the the parser module couldn't parse the file. Is this a problem on my end, or with the file?
Um, how do I view an eps file?
You don't say what type of OS (computer) you are using. If you don't know how to open it then you are probably better off just using the PDF. What do you intend to do with it after you open it?
Oh I don't know... I'm using windows XP... I don't intend to do anything with it... I just want to know how to open it.
It's a PostScript file you can't open the file with out the right software. Some printers know what to do with PS. Not all. Usually used by graphic artist, tech writers... PS was developed by Adobe for their software.
Here's some info but... I don't know how technical you are or want to be...
noahw (author)  drinkmorecoffee10 years ago
The .eps files are editable in something like Corel Draw or Adobe Illustrator. You can get an .eps viewer online for free, but you won't be able to do much to the images then. The three images on the forum post are also large format .jpg's if anyone wants to use those. Just click on the "i" button in the upper left to get to the high-res versions.
I like your new look!
Metal4God10 years ago
can i use it for a T-shirt
noahw (author)  Metal4God10 years ago
Of course! You can use the images for whatever you like.
Metal4God noahw10 years ago
Garth Knight10 years ago
Here you go. was goofing about, and came up with this. Sort of inspired by W-burgs' icon below.
C:\Documents and Settings\Clay\My Documents\My Pictures\ROBOTwCAMERA.jpg
noahw (author)  Garth Knight10 years ago
Awesome work Garth Knight! You just earned yourself an Instructables Robot t-shirt. Do you happen to have the image as an .eps or .ai file? (I should have mentioned above - we need vector based illustrator files so that we can scale them). I will send you a PM with the rest of the shirt info.
Bran10 years ago
Thank you!
ongissim10 years ago