Official Instructables UK Meet Up - October 30th 2010

Jayefuu and I are planning to run the second Instructables UK Meet Up.

We did not publicise the first meet up too much, as with it being the first one we wanted to take things easy. Now with a little more confidence, I think a forum topic inviting anyone interested to come along is perfectly suited.

We plan to have a electronics based meet up, but some of the attendees are planning to bring along other projects, so you would be more than welcome to bring along something you are currently working on, or a few projects you would like to show off!

The planned date for the meet up is Saturday the 30th October. 
We will start off nice and early at 10am, and keep making through the afternoon, and into the evening, aiming to finish up around about 7pm. If you are turning up late, or leaving early, that's fine, we want to keep things fairly loose.

We are holding the event in my local town of Alfreton, Derbyshire.
Attached are a few maps showing alfreton, and also the Hall where we are hosting the meet up.
The name of the place we are using is New Life Church, street view of the church is attached also. (if you want further travel directions, or help with accommodation just comment or PM)

Anyone who is planning to come along, if you could comment below, or PM me. I need to get a good idea of numbers in order to plan accordingly!

We plan to arrange to provide lunch, and will make decisions about dinner depending on turn out (we may just order in some fish and chips). To help cover costs we are asking for £5 for the day, this will include the cost of lunch, drinks and other general costs. 

Thanks to Lizzy, and Steve, we should have a few kits to play with also. Listing those here so people can think what they might do. If you want to put your name down for a specific kit, just leave a comment below.

AMPLIFIER PROJECT KIT (PACK OF 5)  - £13.98 (2.70ish each)
Reserved for Lemonie - VOICE CHANGER KIT RC - £10.52

I am still hoping to source some drawdio kits, but thats harder than it sounds in the UK!

I look forward to hearing from you!

Jake - gmjhowe

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gmjhowe (author) 7 years ago
Thank you to everyone who came along to this years meet up! It was great to have a few new faces as well.

I have Kiteman's Pictures, and a video of the tank battle which I will post in a forum topic or slideshow soon.
lemonie7 years ago

Thanks to all who helped, I have published the costume.

lemonie7 years ago

Great day, thanks to all involved.
The costume impressed people a lot.

Glad it turned out so well. Now you have a new skill.

Don't forget the others that gain new textile-based skills as well...
Yes, Jayefuu brushed up his sewing machine skills, and thanks to Kitewife Gremlyn & PKM learned to knit. Also under Kitewife's guidance I successfully completed an illusion (shadow) knitting project. Today I have browsed the 'net and bookmarked some more patterns and projects.

I effectively turned a cloak into a long black dress, and the use of your machine was much appreciated. (need to write-up & publish)

dayornite7 years ago
Hey all, had a great time lots of fun
Want to get stuck into more kits lol
Hope all had fun and hope 2catch up again soon with you all

Kiteman7 years ago
It was a grand day - quote a few photos taken, I guess they'll get posted tomorrow / Monday.

I made my first vibrobot, first amplifier and first speaker from a dead hard drive.

Well done, Jake et al.
Kiteman7 years ago
The Kites have arrived at the Premier Inn.

See you all around 10:00 tomorrow if you're not around the Inn.

(Signing off now - £5 an hour for the only wifi connection within range!!! )

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