Offline editors?

So are there any offline editors for creating instructables? Any hints from the more experienced on ways to "cheat" and do semi-offline editing? I'm finding network delays to be somewhat frustrating when trying to create, edit, etc a reasonably large instructable...

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intoon11 years ago
There aren't any offline editors. If you want to do a "semi-offline" Instructable, decide which images you will use beforehand and email them instead of uploading. You can also type up your instructions in Word and then copy and paste into the browser. Other than that, you will still have to wait for the pages to load. Good point, though, an offline editor would be a nice feature.
westfw (author)  intoon11 years ago
Can you still email images? I thought that had dissappeared?
ewilhelm westfw11 years ago
It has been hidden, but not removed. We were having some problems with it and didn't want people's images to be lost in space. On the list for today, if possible.
is emailing photos to instructables supprted now? does this still work? who do I email them to?
Unsupported now. Sorry! Try the flickr importer.
Okay last update before i'll let you download it, hopefully with the source (if i have it commented enough) A picture says a thousand words.. (But just incase, i added steps (only 3 at the moment), links (don't render in preview properly), videos (same deal as links).
I've sorta half started one, it's a wip though.
Like you need to end tag like this:

Check out the screenshot...
Whoa! Cool! Keep us posted with your progress.
Hmm i have all the tags implemented in the link you gave me in the other thread, minus the html on and links. I've added saving as is and exporting to be used on The only down at the moment is i have to add a "
" at the start of each new line, this could possibly be eliminated in future versions. PS. I'm aka, laconix.
nice work, im sure a lot of people will appreciate this.
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