Ofslides ible poaching

I ran across this site that has republished my ibles with no link to the original content. I've asked them to remove it. I'm guessing one person has taken and republished it there under my username. I thought some others might want to check to see if their ibles had been copied as well. 


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Brooklyntonia (author) 1 year ago

After filling out several copyright infringement forms and searching for how to find the right form, I finally got a response from Hetzner, who is the host provider for Ofslides. Yesterday, they sent me a message that said they had forwarded my complaint to the originator with instructions to fix the issue and send me a message when it had been resolved. I still haven't received any contact from Ofslides, but when I go to their site, all I see is a blank white page.

Well done!
That means the hoster has cut the access to the domain.
A common task when a website owner does not react to contract breaches or copyright problems.
Usually access is denied until the problems are confirmed to be fixed.
If the hoster does a good job they won't go online again as without Ibles there is not much left.
So no more money from the pop ups and ads, not worth to keep going.
If they have the usual server backups they will be back in a few weeks on a different hoster and domain though.

All my instructables were there few days ago but now only a blank page.


I think they have removed all they copied from instructables

There is another site, but they provide links to the original instructables


Brooklyntonia, better check there also

The whole site seems to be gone.

And here's another site that's stealing whole Instructables with no attribution: http://diyourself.ru/

I'm guessing the ru stands for Russia. There is no way to contact anyone on the site. Could you please forward this to the legal team as well?

NOTE: We the authors can also take free legal action here: https://www.dmca.com/FAQ/How-can-I-file-a-DMCA-Tak...

File a "DMCA take-down request" and the whole site can be shut down.

Judging by their SITEMAP I would say basically every single Ible out there is copied.
But if I understand the official way of Instructables correctly it means that we now have to find a way to contact the endless amounts of people that created one or more Ibles so they can all try get their legal rights one by one ;)

As said: If you don't want it stolen, don't put it on the internet.
Or is the copy of the entire Ible section enough to act on? ;)

Brooklyntonia (author)  Downunder35m1 year ago

It surely complicates things if it's in Russia and on such a large scale. Generally, though, posting here to let other members know can be highly effective. I have even sent out over 20 PMs to other members to notify them, and the offending user's account was taken down before all of them got my message.


Do you mean the offending user was from Instructables?

Looks like they have all of mine on the ofslide site. I think its a breach of the creative commons coppyright not shareing it which im personally ok with ... to a point. I would prefer it to be on instructables because i think this site is ace. but its the changeing of it which im not because they have used the crappest images. :( if anyone has a standard leagaly thing we can send them I would be happy to send them a contact or two. In the long run i think their site will faid into the obscurity it deserves. Its definatly a good way to piss off the people who would otherwise be interested in useing a site.

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