Ofslides ible poaching

I ran across this site that has republished my ibles with no link to the original content. I've asked them to remove it. I'm guessing one person has taken and republished it there under my username. I thought some others might want to check to see if their ibles had been copied as well. 


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Brooklyntonia (author) 1 year ago

After filling out several copyright infringement forms and searching for how to find the right form, I finally got a response from Hetzner, who is the host provider for Ofslides. Yesterday, they sent me a message that said they had forwarded my complaint to the originator with instructions to fix the issue and send me a message when it had been resolved. I still haven't received any contact from Ofslides, but when I go to their site, all I see is a blank white page.

Well done!
That means the hoster has cut the access to the domain.
A common task when a website owner does not react to contract breaches or copyright problems.
Usually access is denied until the problems are confirmed to be fixed.
If the hoster does a good job they won't go online again as without Ibles there is not much left.
So no more money from the pop ups and ads, not worth to keep going.
If they have the usual server backups they will be back in a few weeks on a different hoster and domain though.

All my instructables were there few days ago but now only a blank page.


I think they have removed all they copied from instructables

There is another site, but they provide links to the original instructables


Brooklyntonia, better check there also

The whole site seems to be gone.

gmoon1 year ago

There's a post on Slashdot today worth reading: Ebay Shop Scrapes Thingiverse, sells designs in violation of Creative Commons.

Makerbot, creater of Thingiverse, is at least rumbling about possible legal action to protect Thingiverse contributors. Good development... Not completely analogous to the situation here at Instructables, but any developments in this type of legal case could lead to better and more actionable laws, as applied to the maker-sphere.

Brooklyntonia (author)  gmoon1 year ago

Thanks for sharing that. The direct link to Makerbot's statement is here. I'm sure their statement is greatly appreciated amongst their members. Though, their statement does seem a bit empty in that they allude to their lack of ability to legally act, and the Ebay shop in question was emptied shortly after the issue arose. It is quite possible the affected members' complaints were enough to get Ebay to act, and Makerbot didn't have to do anything. I also found a blogger with a sophisticated knowledge of copyright law that breaks down the situation point by point. He then elaborates even further.

Yep. Thanks, I read the first blog post yesterday. He pretty much dismantles the defense made by the Ebay shop, the one that's abusing the CC licenses of the Thingiverse members..

Indeed, the section on registered vs unregistered copyrights for photographs were something we discussed at length in college. But like most internet profiteers, I doubt they actually believe their own defense.

Unfortunately, when I clicked on the second blog post, it looks to have been "Slashdotted" (unavailable due to high volume)...

gmoon1 year ago

A thought: watermark all the images with instructables.com or something up to each user (like username and licence).

The solution: if you are using Instructables to get links back to your site or to wherever, post links inside your articles. That way, the more your articles are stolen, the more links you get. It's not like these sites are stealing your revenue. They are stealing Instructable's revenue.

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