Oh my, robot guitar.

Oh my, Gibson have invented a robotic guitar, the worlds first to use robotic technology, and i want one!

To find out more visit here:


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gmoon9 years ago

Here's a nice in-depth look at the workings of the Gibson "Robot Guitar," courtesy of TechOnline.

Those tiny motorized tuning machines are so cool...
Goodhart10 years ago
This is the guitar I would love to have:

And I would like to add it to this :-)

Yeah Animusic was the first thing that came to mind.
As soon as I saw the title, I immediately thought, "they're building an Animusic set? Cool!"
Do you have any of their DVD's ? I have 2 I believe, and now Nacho is getting at least one of them :-)
I wish...the first time I saw Animusic was on a PBS special, and they played one of the more feasible songs (Acoustic Curves, I think) and I thought that they were showing off a marvel of mechanics, it's so well rendered. I've wanted a DVD for some time now, but haven't had enough of a reason to buy one when I can watch them on YouTube. But now you know what to send me for Christmas, or Thanksgiving, or my birthday, or Groundhog Day, or Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, or Boxing Day, or...
If you think about it a moment, since they say the "music creates the animation", that is, the animation follows the music....the animation must then "know" the next few notes ahead of time or it will strike the drums, strum the strings, etc. behind the sound. I think it is really a feat of programming ingenuity myself.
Nah, it's not as hard as you might think. You figure out an animation path for each object and offset it by so many frames for a particular ball animation, as an example. Kid in college did this (thought he invented it). I'm still not sure if it wasn't the same as the people that do animusic.
No, not really difficult, but cool nonetheless ;-)
Here are 2 to enjoy:

First the another cool set of "strings"

And THEN... THE ultimate instrudtable......the drum machine....

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