Oh noes! I stopped receiving email!

Last night I received a rush of emails due to my new iBle. Suddenly, they just stopped. I was no longer receiving emails from Instructables. This was confirmed by several un-emailed replies to me and one of my forum topics. I rely heavily on the email system to tell me when someone is contacting me, as the text box on my homepage does not always show new comments. If you think I stopped receiving the emails because the rush triggered an anti-junk system, I have no such system set up (because I don't get junk mail :) ) and I have received a much larger rush of iBle emails in the past. I tested to see if it was my email by sending a message from a separate computer/account, and I received that message. I also still receive emails from Geocaching.com. Please, fix this. I'm lost without it! Edit: Fixed! :D

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Hi all! I also have not received my newsletter/email since early July. Did I manage to hit another incorrect button?!? thanks!
I stopped getting the newsletter.
dark sponge8 years ago
The exact same thing happened to me, I no longer recieve Instructables Emails. But for some reason I still recieve the newsletter. I checked my Instructables user settings and It says send emails every hour, but when I try to change the settings my browser says error on page. Can someone please fix this? I like my Instructables Emails...
BTW, the last email (besides the newsletter) I recieved from instructables was on 4/6/09.
NachoMahma8 years ago
. I just got a batch of notifications! Woot! Rachel rocks!
pdub778 years ago
i've checked my email settings as well as my instructables settings. nothing in my junk folder, and ibles is set to email 'as they happen.' still not getting emails. i get one every once in a long while(2 months). please advise. thanks, pdub
rachel8 years ago
OK there is clearly some intermittent problem going on, there are now too many reports of missing emails for me to believe it's just one person's spam folder or their ISP being flaky. I'll look into this first thing in the morning.
. It seems to happen when I change the frequency of the notifications. . I noticed that when I changed the schedule I didn't get the msg banner near the top of the page that says the settings have been updated and the notifications stopped.
n8man8 years ago
I have not been getting the subscription emails since last Saturday.
Spl1nt3rC3ll (author) 8 years ago
Hmmm, I appear to be getting large weekly lumps of comment emails, but everything is set to "as they happen." :/
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