Oil Rag/Red Rag Ideas? Other uses?

Long story short, i recently came in to a pile of clean rags that mechanics use to wipe oil from their hands and tools. I posted a link below to reference this item if anyone is not familiar.  I dont have any use for these rags but the simple cloth squares have been surged and would do well as a handkerchief (Cloth tissue or napkin) is they weren't so rough. I want to open up the topic to everyone and see if anyone has ideas for alternative uses.. i made a small pouch from one already but other then that i haven't got any more ideas.

Sorry, not trying to promote this store but these are the rags i have now.


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No, I am interesting do know topic
You could also cut them into small squares and use them for gun cleaning!
If they are dosed in grease you could use them as a good fire starter!
If you wash them, keep them separate from your other laundry. The red dye is not colorfast and will turn white things a lovely shade of pink.

I keep a couple in each of my vehicles, camper, boat, etc.

You might consider barter. Perhaps a mechanic might trade an oil change or other service for a bundle of rags.
klixtopher6 years ago
If you have work clothes or gardening clothes you could use them to patch the inevitable holes in the knees. Also if they are water repellent you could stitch them together to make a poncho or or other wet weather garment.
usually those cloths start out white and then after being used once, they are dyed reddish to help cover up the dirt and they also don't clean them heavily (there is still oil/grease in them, hence why they work poorly at wiping up water) so that might limit your uses? but you could always clean them yourself

If you tie a knot in each one of the corners, it makes a funny looking hat.

tie in a bunch of knots and use as a dog toy

sew into a bean bag. or juggeling balls

sew 5 together and use it to put hot pots on or use it to grab stuff from the oven

sell them and buy something you could really use?
trade them and get something you could really use?
You could easily make pouches for cameras, phones etc.

We used to get rags in for work and would keep aside any particularly interesting pieces of fabric, occasionally you get bits of silk or other fancy materials.
caitlinsdad6 years ago
I guess if they were the oily used kind, you could have made some tiki torches and then go explore the pyramids.

I think there is a quilting contest soon. Make a mechanic's quilt to lay on under the car- while working on it, not sleeping, or a quilted tool protector case, bumper guard or emergency car/signal blanket. Good luck.