Old Cub / Scout nostalgia?

This new 'Low 'n' Slow' competition is bringing back great memories of when I did Cubs 4 or 5 years ago. Any body else care to share their memories, or, even better, if they're a Scout leader and they want to share their weekly fun!

Kiteman8 years ago

But I'm a Cub Leader now...

(How about the last Camp, when one Cub spent a day in one black shoe and one white trainer because he got dressed with his eyes shut?)
Kryptonite (author)  Kiteman8 years ago
Ha ha, cool. For a sleep over we did, one guy was still fast asleep in his sleeping bag, so our cub leader picked up the entire sleeping bag from the top, and put him in a bin.
daltonjcw8 years ago
i just got my arrow of light. get back to you in a few years!
Kryptonite (author)  daltonjcw8 years ago
Looking forward to it...?