Old Laptop

I have an older Laptop. its nothing special but it runs Windows XP. I was wondering what ideas were out there to use them. I've seen the picture frames and revive instructables....... but I was looking for something fresh. Any idea's?

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VIRON10 years ago
If it runs windows XP then who cares if it's "old"?
But it will run Linux much faster. Especially Puppy.
Video:See Puppy Play
josh9217610 years ago
I'm ill this weekend an I'm doing the same thing with my old laptop pentium 2 (226mhz?) 96mb ram. Damn small linux and Slax popcorn (with hd installs) FLY compared to Windows ME. I plan to use it as a school laptop as I don't want to take my main one into school.
guyfrom7up10 years ago
Use it as a second screen Mod it into a cool looking desktop Sprawl out the parts so it works, glue it on a wall and use it as a picture viewer thingy I'm out of ideas
I saw a picture (I can't remember where) of a desk covered in old high-powered chips, under a sheet of glass. It looked good, but the poster wondered if the chips could be made to work - a super-computer as a desk. Why not try that with the laptop? You could put the whole thing into a coffee table, with the screen flat in the centre and use a wireless mouse and keyboard to work it.
chaoscampbell (author)  Kiteman10 years ago
thats not a bad idea. I've looked at a couple of things to do with mounting. there is an instructable in here somewhere where the guy mounted it upside down under a kitchen overhead cabinet. the screen fliped down and he made a few switches with XP to flip the screen. all controlled by a wireless mouse and keyboard you could stash in a drawer
chaoscampbell (author)  chaoscampbell10 years ago
ll.1310 years ago
Donate it to......... Play around with Linux.
Punkguyta10 years ago
You could use it as an Access point if you have a wireless router already, you could have a couple wireless cards connected to it and set it at the other side of your house so it re-broadcasts your wifi signal.