Old cardboard box wins major "green" prize.

Want to get credit for an idea that is older than you are?

Simple - give it a cool name and tie the idea in with trendy green terminology.

A cheap solar cooker has won first prize in a contest for green ideas.

The Kyoto Box is made from cardboard and can be used for sterilising water or boiling or baking food.

It's just a basic solar cooker - cardboard, black paint and aluminium foil - but discussing it in terms of sustainability and carbon credits makes it worth 75,000GBP and potential mass-marketing contracts.

(Cynical? Me?)


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To be fair,

I think the innovation here is in the mass production and distribution of the thing. ie solar ovens aren't new, but being able to produce and distribute tens of millions of them is...
If I chew on the end of my pencil, can I hock it as a new kind of toothbrush for people who can't afford one?
You should probably make it out of a special kind of wood with additional anti-bacterial properties. :)
Kiteman (author)  canida8 years ago
(Which would probably turn out to be both addictive and high on the Red List)
Goodhart8 years ago
Just goes to show, it isn't what you know, but who you know....
ben11228 years ago
I have also made a instructable that is a solar oven, and it is just as cheap, but more efficent!
I have started an instructable on the "Kyoto Trough" Which IS new. The "kyoto" part of the name is inspired by the winning combination of words in Kyoto Box. I have not made one yet but I have put a LOT of work into it! Anybody want to make one?
Yeah I saw this and was surprised as you are.
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