Old hobbies die hard... some TRs

I had a lot of old pics to work off of so the building experience was a lot like what I remember loving about knex, without the frustration.

This blaster (:>) has a pretty solid mech. The slide, anchored by the gray connectors on the naked black rods (hehe), requires the full motion to prime, resulting in the longest pin draw possible using this draw/anchor method. The pin I have on this has a rubber washer of sorts that I had laying around, so far working wonders. No broken pieces were required, though I slid a broken black rod that was conveniently the perfect length into the barrel construction. As I mentioned in the title, I built this just yesterday and I expect that it'll be further modified -- the grip was something I had lying around and could essentially just throw on, the stock was rushed.

I was planning on building another and I'd be happy to make instructions if there's any demand, though these pics alone may be enough for the few of you.

Link to better quality pictures, really unimpressed by what got uploaded here...

Credit to KILLERK for the TR of course. I just gave it a new body.

Update 8/25/15:
3D printed a piece for the front of the barrel.

Update 8/27/15:
Small changes all over. I'm okay with the front grip. There's some mole skin on the handle.
Changed the below pictures to reflect what I currently have, clearer pics in the imgur album.

Update 8/31/15
Finally got around to classing up the stock, quite happy with how it turned out. A few other changes as well, updated the pictures once more. Should be able to build from these pics!

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Also how is it shooting for you!? Looks solid sure it shoots great interesting to see someone else using some fin ammo. I just redesigned my trigger however I am still on the pin guide which keeps me at a slightly shorter pin draw by 2 connectors but I think it all weights out about the same in the end hard to say for sure unless I test them all out shooting fin ammo at a distance or over a chronograph or something. Either way good to hear from you again thanks for posting and we need to all war again one of these days lol

Knarez (author)  Knex Lego Maniac2 years ago

It shot great, but this is my newer revision


That is one of the cleanest and most handsome TR's I have seen. I love that handle.

Beautiful build man good to see you all building again!

Mepain2 years ago

Looks solid. Good work, I love the handle. I find KK's TR handle to be too flimsy.

Knarez (author)  CorgiCritter2 years ago

'ppreciate it. I've had similar feelings, although he's fixed most of the issues by making it more of a "thumb hole" style.

Knarez (author) 2 years ago

So I did this - https://i.imgur.com/KlovQOi.jpg

Some other updates can be found in the album, https://imgur.com/a/4y1Se.

You got a 3D printer? That's like a K'nexer's dream. So many pieces I want to create. Anywho, keep at it.

Knarez (author)  TheDunkis2 years ago

Sort of. There's one in the room next door. My younger brother is pretty brilliant.

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