Old tire rocking chair

Found randomly on Flickr:


I just LOVE this! It looks like it ought not to be too difficult to make, if one has a junkyard to pull bits from.

(The note on the chair's back says something about don't play on this as wasps have taken up residence.)

Picture of Old tire rocking chair
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patrick_b8 years ago
'this thing may look cool but lets think realistically..that thing will be as uncomfortable as sitting on a cactus chair..and how are you going to get something that wide into your house/gaming room. To top it all off can you imagine your clothes after seating on a tire all day. I'm sure mom wouldn't like to get that black out of every piece of clothing you wear. Sure it'd be cool, but not very practical.
Thats really cool, but probably really heavy
That's awesome. For use as a gaming chair it doesn't matter how heavy it is, I can't move my kids off the systems anyway.
Put a remotely activated capacitor. When they won't get off just push a button and shock them.
Sounds like you are volunteering for a test run? ;-)
I'm volunteering my little brothers for it.
You know, I could easily procure the materials to make this. I really should do it...
I will beat you to it! Bwa ha (initiates challenge, immediately retreats to craigslist).
Not when I already haz the tires. :P
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