Oldest Computer Music Surfaces

The oldest known computer music has recently surfaced on the magical entitiy sometimes referred to by village elders as " the internet." Prepare yourself for an ancient digitally generated version of "Baa Baa Black Sheep" and a short sampling of "In the Mood."

(image courtesy, UT News and Information Archive, the Center for American History)

Picture of Oldest Computer Music Surfaces
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Kiteman9 years ago
You forgot our National Anthem as well.

I think it sounds like a Stylophone, but what are they saying? There are (female) voices recorded on that record, but I can't quite tell what they're saying.
I figured it out: Woman 1: "Another one's coming up." Woman 2: "Keep on counting."
. I hear: Number one coming up ... Keep on cutting.
Or maybe woman 2 says: "Keep 'em coming."
Notbob9 years ago
long, long ago, inn a time before mp3's.......( i'll let you finish the rest)
There was a computer music surface... Thingy...... that took up more space in a room than 5000000000 iPod nanos ..... No small ipod docks were used.... Instead they used huge, Ginormous speakers which took up not one but 4 whole rooms.... A happy story indeed.... Thank god for this
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randofo (author)  robots1999 years ago
Don't forget the army of patch cable-weilding women engineers frantically trying to keep time.
robots1999 years ago
LOL... My old iPod came back to haunt me for ever! Nooooooo