I just wanted to say that China WAS AWESOME during the ring things and all that stuff in that catagory. I mean OMG!!!! I just had to say that feel free to chat about the olympics here

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guyfrom7up (author) 9 years ago
guyfrom7up (author) 9 years ago
BOLT just went about 23.1 MPH!!! He did 100M in 9.69 (I think) seconds!!! woooo
Flumpkins9 years ago
I sort of prefer the winter olympics. I like watching snowboarding. So I haven't watched a single minute of the Olympics. Next year they're in London.
whatsisface9 years ago
Yeah that 14 year old kid from China was awesome on the bar.
When Michael Phelp's swim team beat France for the gold by coming back from behind at the last few meters. That was amazing.
My cousin Jill Bakken won gold in the 2002 winter games. We were there to watch it, waiting at the finish line.
gmoon9 years ago
That guy (Chen Yibing ?) is just sick amazing...

For whatever reason, the US media doesn't seem as obsessed with the overall medal count this time. That's so NOT why I watch the O's.

Personally, I tend to enjoy the not-ready-for-primetime sports: cycling, crewing (rowing), canoe / kayaking, etc. although the winter Olympics is more my thing...