On july 4th. America will blow up the moon...

Well Im kidding about the date, but they really are (if its already posted sorry but i couldnt see it in 5 pages) anyone else worried?


Picture of On july 4th. America will blow up the moon...
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Baron A8 years ago
Moon is not real........
Sunbanks8 years ago
I read a book where a meteor hit the moon and messed up it's orbit... This makes me think of that...
meteors hit the moon all the time
It was a meteor with a lot of mass... Haha I forgot to put that in there :P That book made me have a dream that the world was coming to an end and I was crying because the internet was down XD
who wouldn't?
Who wouldn't cry about the internet being down? ;)
and then it hits earth, we all die Yay
I would be more worried about the gravity issue...
Gravity issue?
Well I'm not really sure if it would actually happen, since it was just a book I read, but since the moon controls the tides, who knows what would happen if it's orbit was changed? I can't believe how many commas I used in one sentence...
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