One Hundred Things We Didn't Know Last Year

  • Baseball is English.
  • A Victorian doctor was struck off for describing nicotine as "foul poison".
  • Americans are not allowed to sell proper haggis.
  • 1% of Americans are in prison.
  • Toasters are illegal in Cuba.

... and 95 other peculiar facts culled from the news over the last 12 months.

What have you learned in the last year?

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kelseymh9 years ago
What have you learned in the last year?

Being a father is hard.
. But it's worth it. ;) . I lucked out, NachoDaughter was 4 yo when we met, so I missed out on all that diaper business.
Yeah, you missed out on the diapers. But I think you also missed on watching a really complicated Hebbian neural network self-organize :-)

Our daughter barely started crawling three weeks ago, and she's already able to go from the living room to her bedroom to the office in one expedition, and stop and investigate things along the way.

Oh, ack. Now I'm going to start going on and on like some doting parent, aren't I? Sigh...
> like some doting parent . We are what we is. ;)
I yam what I yam...
Kiteman (author)  kelseymh9 years ago
Being a father taught me that I have a poor sense of smell.

I never did cotton on that it was always my turn when the nappy was bad.

Actually, the first nappy I ever did was #1 son's first poop - you know, the one they do a few hours after being born, that comes out like road tar? The midwife congratulated me on my technique and asked how many kids I'd had before. That kind of doomed me...

(Do either of you find your selves pulling oogy-woogy faces at babies in queues? And have you seen the baby-carrier rucksacks they have these days? #1 son did miles in his, far more than a pram. I hope my back holds out so I carry the grand-kids in one...

...I think I'll stop now.)
. I can do a lot of things that most ppl find extremely distasteful, but changing a dirty diaper will make me retch almost every time. Even tending a colostomy bag or cleaning up a friend's brains (I've done both) is more "pleasant."
Cleaning up a friend's brains? :'-(
. To make a long story short, he decided to check out and chose a rather messy way of doing it. The police had done their investigation and his parents were coming in to collect his belongings. I didn't think they needed to see the mess.
I'm sorry, Nacho. That must have been awful. It was really nice of you to spare his family though.
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