One Must Go

Sorry for the dramatic title.  I know it's been a long time since I've posted anything.  I've been having a rough time lately and I really haven't had the time nor energy to begin a new project, although I do have a couple promising designs drawn that I would like to begin working on.  But unfortunately I am going to have to take apart either the KLS v.2 or my beloved Kinetic Rifle to begin a new, potentially better project.

Because I am attached to both (embarrassing, isn't it?) I want to ask you guys which one you think I should take apart:

1)  The Kinetic Rifle
2)  The KLS v.2

Either one should give me enough pieces, so don't take size into your consideration. 

Thank you for helping me out and I promise I will have something great for you guys within the month.


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The Kinetic Rifle. I built it but didn't love it too much. Plus it uses a lot of parts.
Take apart the kinetic rifle and glad to to your not dead :)
Kinetic (author) 5 years ago
Thank you all for the feedback. Both of them have been dismantled, and I am beginning to build two different types of fully auto guns. I have found a perfect way to control the firing rate for one of them, and the other is a much more complex design, so we'll see what happens! Thanks again for the feedback.
I am extraordinarily glad to see your activity once again Kinetic. Happy Knex'ing :)
semi auto one
mulletman65 years ago
Kinetic Rifle or both of them
machlaxx1355 years ago
BOTH just take apart both
sprout_less5 years ago
kinetic, but both if you have instructions.
Kiteman5 years ago
Like mepain and caitlinsdad said - dismantle both.
Mepain5 years ago
Both. You made instructions for them, so you can build them again later.
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