One Piece should come back!

Recently I've been wanting to watch One Piece, since I heard that FUNimation had begun dubbing it. Apparently this had happened about a year ago, but since I had stopped watching it on Cartoon Network, I didn't know till I saw an episode with different voices. It was great! A lot of stuff was cut out in the 4kids dub, and the voices were downright awful. Especially sanji's retarded voice

Anyway, the FUNimation dub is really more loyal to the original, and featured a lot of things 4kids left out, like blood, dialogue, or even entire arcs! They cut out one part about a whale and a lighthouse, which at the time didn't seem like much more than filler, but as it turns out, was the background story for a new friggin crew member! So basically, 4kids had completely ruined continuity. The FUNimation dubs on CN was the best thing that ever happened! Yup! All 15 episodes it ran. CN canceled it for no friggin reason, even though the FUNimation dub was quickly gaining much higher ratings than the 4kids one.

The main reason I am angry, is that I can't watch the GOOD version o One Piece on tv, because CN is stupid. And I can't watch it on the internet, because FUNimation is too copyright...y... And the DVDs are quite expensive. I can't watch 4kids version now, knowing all the stuff that's missing. All the wounds that should be there. All the facts that have been ignored. All the 9 year old voices on 20 year old men. All the serious themes dumbed down for stupid 8 year with their fingers up their noses! (okay, so my finger is in my nose now, but that's not the point!

Basically, this is a rant. Anyway, if anyone likes One Piece, please discuss how idiotic and retarted 4kids is, and how you hope they get ****ed in the *** with an iron stick hard from multiple angles for making a great series just udder ****!

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bumpus9 years ago
Dude, QC is soooo better than this. Hands Down.
Keith-Kid (author)  bumpus9 years ago
SHUN THE NONBELIEVER! SHUUUN! This isn't targeted at your interests is all. Don't criticize something you know nothing about. Peoplea re so ignorant sometimes. If you're not a big fan of star wars, you obviously won't enjoy the Clone Wars. If you're a Star Wars fan, you probably peed your pants when you first head of it.
Star Wars is sooooooo better than the Clone War garbage. :-)
Camisado9 years ago
4kids sucks. Really, if the Japanese version has swears in it, then maybe it's just not 4kids, ***holes.
Keith-Kid (author)  Camisado9 years ago
The main thing that makes me angry about this, something I actually noticed around a week ago, was that all guns were replaced with water guns. Take it in. WATER GUNS! It's no surprise that the navy can't handle pirates when their best defense is soem water guns! If 4kids would at least make them sublte but noooo, they chose the most noticeable bright colored ones. THEY even have those tanks! ARGH!!!! I thought the last part of the comic was a metaphor for kid-friendly, but now I get it.
it was bad enough that sanji lost his cigarette
Water guns? Man...... WTFIGOH?
Keith-Kid (author)  Camisado9 years ago
Keith-Kid (author)  Keith-Kid9 years ago
Whatever. If the original has swears, maybe its because they should be there. They're there for a reason.
Word. Know any good anime dubs? Yu-Yu Hakusho's dub is rockin'!
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