One Step Closer to Personal Fabrication


It's not a real fabricator.... but perhaps this means manufacturer's know we want these things?

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Gnaw11 years ago
So this is basically a CNC machine designed to work with wood by creating your projects with their software or using their software to load CAD images? It seems like a decent price considering sometimes the software alone costs that much. If the software requires a vid card with open GL support than at least the software isn’t something low-end or slapped together.
trebuchet03 (author)  Gnaw11 years ago
Honestly - I have no idea what software it uses. I would hope that you could at least import from some of the more popular CAD suites out there into their (likely proprietary) software.
Gnaw trebuchet0311 years ago
Are you interested in purchasing this trebuchet03?
trebuchet03 (author)  Gnaw11 years ago
I wish :P But not on my college student budget :P
Gnaw trebuchet0311 years ago
HA! I hear that bud, I just spent $860+ on books yesterday :( looks like I'll be sleeping in my car this semester.
Lots more info here:

Looks like they have their own software, but you can import files as well.

Read somewhere that you can use 2D images as well where the density of the image determines depth.
Looks cool for doing sign work and etching box tops and such. The comments I saw about it were pretty mixed and there are rumors of a bigger version coming out as well. I'd say it's a good sign even if it's not there yet.