One laptop per child?

So i saw this story on 60 minutes a couple days back. One story was on having one laptop per child. so they tested it in a 3rd world country. It seemed like a great idea.and no need for electricity to charge the laptop they had hand cranks for it which also seemed like a great idea. So do you think having one laptop per child is a good idea

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ll.1310 years ago
They don't seem to realize lots of children in a "1st world" country can do with these too....
trebuchet03 ll.1310 years ago
One of the big things the OLPC has is the ability to bring textbooks in cheaply. While children in the 1st world may have some outdated books - that's more than many in the 3rd world can say.


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ll.13 trebuchet0310 years ago
Yeah, though I really like the idea and the GUI is really cool, but i don't like it how they have to access a website through searching google. :/ I suppose I'm really saying I wouldn't mind one myself... (:
gyromild10 years ago
The OLPC idea is noble, however there are certain aspects of it that need to be sorted. If the idea is to help children in hardcore poor countries such as in Africa, then 100usd laptop is just too expensive. Plus the problem of distribution. Making sure the laptops get to the children, and making sure it stays with them.. Exclude the rich northern and southern Africans (Libya, Egypt, Morocco, Tunisia, South Africa, Botswana), 100usd is what a family makes in a year.. Imagine extreme poverty and extreme desperation.. If something has value, people will fight and even kill for it. The laptop will be a valuable commodity. Might just end up being smuggled out to be resold for profit. Worst, the children might end becoming a walking target.. An engineer friend tied with road-building project in Sudan recounts how a kid got shot for his 3 dollar china-made shoe. Imagine 100usd laptop. Lets hope it wont be a curse for the children we are trying to help..
Easy Button (author)  gyromild10 years ago
Yes but what i saw on 60 minutes also was once it gets stolen from the child it dies with-in 24hours.
the child or the laptop?
I'm guessing the laptop....
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