One mans garbage...

Really is another mans gold!

I'm the type of person who, when seeing something internesting, picks it up.

For instance, I have found:
@ A working VCR (and I use it)
@ A small TV (not broken, just REALLY old)
@ Microwave ovens (several, not a single one broken)
@ Old computers (the joys of Harddrive magnets)
@ A 27 inch Panasonic TV (it's working perfectly, i use it daily)
UPDATE 10 July 2010

@ A working DVD player (slot jammed, fixed it)
@ A PlayStation 1 (not tested, I'll report back) (tested it with the AV cable I also found, it works!)

There's no shame in taking "trash" off the streets!
I got some funny looks having a small TV strapped to my bike,
I take them as compliments!

What I'm trying to say here is basically
Save the planet, finders keepers!

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ya right!
guess thus is a genius advice for everyone
this could be a big leap to human kind
Thanks! :)
Aron3135 years ago
That is great!! :D But the planet doesn't need to be saved.
Kirbsome! (author)  Aron3135 years ago
Maybe not the planet as a whole, but it's surface is looking worse by the day.
I do agree that people shouldnt throw bottles out of car windows. Someone has to pick that up eventually. But as long as its in a trash can thats fine.
im going to a car dump yay(its suprising how many engines work there)
Kirbsome! (author)  Ilija Miljkovac6 years ago
in my town on streets you can find broken stuff(i still take it) and dumpsters like 1-2 working things per 100 dumpsters so nobody does that i only take sumthing i find on the street that is useful(like wires) there is muc beter places to look there is a town in my country where you can find something thats a litle more useful but the best loot is on the pleaces where nobody goes i get lots of wires at places like that(im 10 years old and collect metal i have build stuff from it allready)
Baronrc6 years ago
Finding good junk is pretty tough around here. Cape Town has a fair bit of poverty so there are many who scavenge to survive. My campus is a few blocks from the city rubbish dump and I often see people who spend their entire day on the foul-smelling dump scavenging recyclable metals and other tid-bits. I have a lot to be grateful for.

On a less somber note I did once scavenge a cool mining chisel-thing. It looked like a normal masonry chisel but it was the length of my forearm and about as thick. Think it comes off some heavy pneumatic machinery. If i ever get a lathe this thing (minus it's hardened tip) will make excellent stock for practice.

Qsam7 years ago
My dad is really good at this, he found a workin chainsaw someone thought it was broken, but it was just put in safe or something. He found a gitarr speaker or what ever it was. Just plug it in and it was working really good. A small sailboat:P. So i tried an found som straps an made a chin-up bar. And a mirror. Not in his class yet but im getting there :)
best things i think i ever found were a pretty big flat piece of thin rubber me and a friend used it in a fort.and i found like 2-3 bicycles at one house. and got a unfinished guitar just needs the hard ware. also in my neighborhood theirs a group of people who go driving around for stuff.they always seem to have good bunch of cool things.
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