One of the best websites I have ever come across

DealExtreme is one of the best stes I have ever come across their stuff is cheap and quality. They even have stuff from high street stores at half the price just rebranded (E.g radioshacks worlds smallest helicopter). They specialise in all types of gadgets.

The only down side is the shipping (about 3 weeks) but the shipping is free.

Go check it out

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westfw10 years ago
I bought some mini-SD to micro-SD adaptors from DealExtreme. They arrived more quickly than I expected (but they ARE tiny, and were in a normal padded envelope rather than a package.) They seem to have a relatively good reputation over on CandlePowerForums...
You tend to know this kind of stuff... When the pointers don't have an IR filter, is it dangerous if you see the beam? (and don't look into it) ..What kind of eyewear is needed for them?
Here are the rules you bypass importing a laser pointer directly from Hong Kong Technically, it's probably illegal.

You probably can't see the beam (in the absence of smoke or dust), and reflection off of smoke probably wouldn't be dangerous. Reflections off of other surfaces might be a problem. Having a 30mW beam aimed at your eye would definitely be a big problem.)

I was going to say something about there not being any IR filters in lasers, but some (most?) of the green laser pointers work by frequency doubling an IR laser, so I'm not sure. AND that could mean that a green pointer might "leak" IR in directions other than along the visible spot, and you wouldn't be able to see it.

More warnings, particularly on the DVD-writer laser hacks. I dunno. LASERs are cool, but selling rather high-power lasers on the gray market like toys makes me nervous.
technick29 westfw10 years ago
Any idea how powerful a green laser needs to be to pop balloon or light a match?
I have the $25 30mw green laser and it can pop balloons. It takes a min but it will pop it. I have not tried a match yet.
aww man...well, thanks for the info.
You've bought from them? ..they've got some pretty cheap 30mw green laser pointers
josh92176 (author)  Weissensteinburg10 years ago
I havn't placed an order yet but they have a good reputation and all the payment is done through paypal.
Oh darnit, I did not notice that. So you have to set up a PayPal account to purchase from this site?
josh92176 (author)  Brennn1010 years ago
yes but htats a good thing because it means its secure
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