One of the dumbest things a company could ever do....

Ok, picture the scene, you use your own laptop for work, and after some time, decide you need a better job, and so start looking. Some people find out you are looking and your company TAKES (pilfers, steals, lifts....) your laptop and erases the HD !

WOW, did they ever pay for THAT little blunder.....

go here for the FULL story...

Picture of One of the dumbest things a company could ever do....
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skunkbait8 years ago
I can assure you, my former employer (a pseudo-Christian University) would've done that to me, given the opportunity. It was that unethical type of behavior that inspired me to jump ship!
Goodhart (author)  skunkbait8 years ago
It seems like the number of such places grows exponentially with the smaller rate of growth of ethical places to work *sigh*
The "openly" unethical companies (big tobacco, arms exporters, and sweatshops) are bad enough. But what gets me is the unethical hypocrites! They take a moral stand when it's convenient, and then sweep their own mis-behavior (dishonest, illegal, immoral) under the rug!
Goodhart (author)  skunkbait8 years ago
Yes, and is only seems to be getting worse (some of us kind of expect that anyways ;-) despite our best efforts to make it otherwise.
Goodhart (author)  skunkbait8 years ago
and one last comment on this....unlike SO many others, I am sure you agree that, even though we don't expect to see much or any improvement, that does NOT make less our responsibility to keep making improvements.
Definitely. We are responsible for our own actions. We can't MAKE others behave, but we still have a responsibility to "Do unto others". If we actually make a difference, that's an extra bonus.
n8man8 years ago
Wow, some people...
Goodhart (author)  n8man8 years ago
Isn't it amazing how convoluted some people are?
n8man Goodhart8 years ago
I guess that they just wanted revenge or something.
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