Only In America?

Sixty-nine year old Harry Stonebraker has been elected mayor of the Missouri town of Winfield for the fourth time, winning by a landslide, securing 90% of the vote in the 723-population town.

Unfortunately, he had been dead for several weeks...


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lemonie8 years ago
That place is just 2 miles from my house. ;-) Over priced and under-knowledged in my opinion. Went in looking for a Mauser, tried to sell me a sportsterized one for 800 bucks. LOL
That would be top of your local news then? L
Dunno,don't watch much news.
A bit like the forum Topic I just posted - top subject on our local news was some person who was involved with killing half the cast of a mediocre soap opera many years ago, followed by "I forget" it was that bad...

On our local news a while back there was a story about a girl that got kidnapped by some guy and had gotten away by screaming and stuff. She also said he picked her up AND her bicycle. My mom and I were like "Wow, kidnappers don't pick up kids' bikes too." Then the next day it said the girl had lied about it. There was also a girl that lied about getting kidnapped a few days ago I guess, I just found a video about it. I can't believe they would lie about something like that.
It got them enough attention - people make stuff up all the time for these purposes... L
I think one of them just said that so they wouldn't get in trouble for staying out too late with her boyfriend.
That's desperate, tangled-webs and such... L
Kiteman (author)  lemonie8 years ago
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