Oodammo Pistol Contest

This is the contest me and TD were/are organizing.


MeZak: 4/5. Very, very quick.

OodAst3.6: 4/5. Not quite as quick as the MeZak, but it makes up for it in comfort.

TBOS: 1/5. Truly agonizing.

EAP: 3/5. Not bad. Tougher and more time consuming than the OodAst and MeZak, but much better than the TBOS.

STRUCTURAL INTEGRITY / DURABILITY                                                  

(Note, I'm rating according to how "Bendy" they feel.)

MeZak: 4/5. Really sturdy. Barely any bend.

OodAst: 4/5. Really sturdy, but again, just barely less sturdy than the MeZak. But not so much as to lower it a whole point.

TBOS: 2/5. Only 3 layers. Bendy, bendy, bendy.

EAP: 4/5. 5 layers, so it's obviously pretty good.


(The first range is with 2 #64's, the second is with the maximum amount. Measurement was averaged out of 5 shots. I used Google Earth, but I promise I didn't cheat.)

MeZak: 4/5. 39 feet. 63 feet. (Max. of 6 bands.)

OodAst. 3/5. 44 feet. 52 feet. (Max. of 4 bands.)

TBOS. 3/5. 41 feet. 41 feet. (Max. of 2 bands.)

EAP: 2.5/5. 37 feet. 37 feet. (Max. of 2 bands.)

FINAL SCORES                                                                                             

MeZak: 12/15. #1

OodAst: 11/15. #2

TBOS: 6/15. #4 Ouch

EAP: 9.5/15. #3

So, congrats MeZak, you win.

(Though, I'd like to point out, this is based pretty much entirely on performance, not personal opinion.)


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heatblast7 years ago
Here's a face for ya, (_-,-_).
~KGB~8 years ago
could you post the mezak? i wanna make it, but ki is down.....
It's up now. :3
i cant find the mezak
i know, that comment was like 6 months ago....
Yes, that is the reason for the :3 face.
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