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Well, I just have finals this week and then I'm done with school. Long story short, I got into classes at the college and they finish earlier than the high school does so I pretty much will be graduated but without a diploma for a couple weeks. Fun! Anyways, I'm not in the mood for making anything big. However, I did want to put this to rest if need be. Do we need another oodammo pistol?

Let's just take a quick poll. What's everyone's favorite oodammo pistol and why? No, I don't need ego food so be honest.
Next, what don't you like about your favorite? What could be improved with it?

If I do find enough valid suggestions, I'll make a 4th oodassault pistol. If I find that it's mostly just a matter of preference between features (i.e. size/pieces/looks vs durability, clips vs magazines, etc.) then I'll leave it at that. Others will be welcome to leach off this thread and try their hand at one too as long as they announce that they are doing so.

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Kona-chan1 year ago

never really got into oodammo, dunno why

I heard good stuff about it tho

TheDunkis (author)  Kona-chan1 year ago

It's basically the best ammo (more in the sense that it's the least bad) to fire other than finned ammo. And I dunno, at first it started as a novelty for me, just be the first person to come up with a practical, magazine-fed repeater for Oodammo. Then it turned more into a challenge to make a practical war weapon. I'm still decided that if I go to a war, I'm going to use my Oodassault.

but what are the advantages over a magfed pin/rail riflle?

I would imagine that oodammo would reload slower.

TheDunkis (author)  Kona-chan1 year ago

Better range and accuracy really. You could test for yourself if you have a TR available. Load yellow rods or whatever ammo you like best (other than finned ammo which obviously would be superior anyway) and some Oodammo, then do some fairly long distance shooting. Rods tend to spin out quite wildly, often flying way off the mark at far enough distances. Oodammo usually continues a fairly straight trajectory, even if it begins to tumble.

And actually, no, I developed the latest Oodassault pistols to have a really quick reload process, basically an en bloc clip, faster than even most removable mag setups and definitely faster than manually reloading a turret one by one. In theory, you could scale this up into a stocked weapon, perhaps with a railpin for more range. I just like the compactness of a pistol.

Fudge. I tried making an oodammo pistol that looks as good as this and has slide action, and failed XD I'm such a K'nex gun noob. Hopefully I can get something to work eventually though

TheDunkis (author)  Linkin_J_Knex1 year ago

The very first version of my Oodassault 3 was actually slide action, but I decided that the slide wasn't all that necessary. Just keep at it. Honestly, you missed the Oodammo pistol craze by a good while but it's always interesting to see people's different designs. Something I was trying to sort out was a way to separate the rounds in the magazine to reduce friction, perhaps you could figure out something?

Yeah, I missed the golden age of K'nex *sigh* Thank you though, I may have a crack at what you tried :)
TheDunkis (author)  Linkin_J_Knex1 year ago

It is a bit disappointing, activity is down and it's more difficult to come up with an original idea. But just keep at it. Something you could try is building other people's Oodammo pistols and figure out what it is you like about each one and what could be improved. Then use what you learned to make your own.

Thanks a bunch. Any recommended users or builds? I'm sick of all the repeat pistols that don't even work that I see everywhere XD

TheDunkis (author)  Linkin_J_Knex1 year ago

My main competitor was the Mezak. Eh, the names of others escape me. I think Killersafecracker (something to that effect) made a couple promising designs that I also competed with. Those would be a start.

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