Oodammo vs. Yellow rods??

I want to know if people want more Oodammo guns or guns that shoot yellow rods?? It only takes 10 seconds to reply. Killer~SafeCracker

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Ojsmudge6 years ago
What is Oodammo ? Sorry if you think this is a stupid question
Killer~SafeCracker (author)  Dashadower6 years ago
Red connector with a white rod in the middle to form an arrow.
DJ Radio8 years ago
I just came up with an interesting new development:  I wastest-firing my AR-4 v3 (shoots yellow rods), and sometimes the rodswould make a sound while they were still traveling in the air, kindalike when you swing bamboo very fast.

So I think yellow rods travel faster than oodammo. (of course the reasoncould just be that my gun is so awesome.
Wtf?  Are you possessed?
I'll let you know if that ever happens.

Well why did you just go on a tangent above?  I was just pointing out that it happened.
I snapped.
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