Oodassault 3.7

Yeah, I've done this too much. 3 different models, 7 revisions for this model alone, 2 already posted.
The 3.6 was satisfactory but I noticed there were still some problems for some people and it required some tweaking to make sure it worked right even though it was pretty reliable when it was set up right. This one is a lot more user friendly. I changed up some things so it's guaranteed to work without all the tweaking. It was just a few minor mods really. You won't probably catch any changes from the image alone at first so I'm obviously going to list them.
-The simplest but probably most effective is adding another light grey in the middle above the magazine. At first I had a gap there to make stripper clip loading easier. However, it made the ammo shoot up a little higher and sometimes would cause it to spin out faster. I also suspect this may have been the reason a second round would be dragged out if the magazine wasn't set up right.
-There's a green rod and spacer wedged in between the bottom of the magazine where the tilt bands are placed so that it doesn't squish the mag pusher. This allows for a weaker rubber band on the pusher so there's less chance of it exploding.
-I changed how the the magazine rests against the rest of the gun by using mini knex adapters. I'm not sure if this is required as far as reliability goes but I suspect that it may have been why some people's guide rods were shot off. The magazine tilted in ever so slightly but just enough for the ammo to catch the rod. The mini K'nex also have a larger gap so it's a little easier to slide ammo in. Not too much of a difference but hey, whatever works.
-The one you guys probably will like best. I changed the tilter just a little. It requires a rubber band to stay up but I didn't think it was a big deal. It allows the magazine to tilt out farther and the red connector can grip around an orange connector on the trigger guard in such a way that it takes some of the stress off your finger. This means you can use more tension on the magazine to make sure it stays shut without wearing out your finger.
-Finally, I knew this for a bit but decided I'd finally show you that you can use green rods instead of white rods on the top middle three holes (the bottom pairs and the front and back pairs would be required to keep the gun sturdy). You can use green rods then instead of black Ys to block the green rods in the holes. I used this method for a simple rail like thingy and added a custom sight. It's more for looks than function but it actually works quite well.

So yeah that's it. Between all the mods, it's guaranteed to work perfectly now as far as I know. Nothing has gone wrong since building the gun with everything changed. No magazine explosions, double shots, or anything that would otherwise be undesirable. Also, it's a little more accurate and gets a bit more range I'm guessing thanks to slightly more stable ammo.

I'm not trying to make this sound super hyped. You should just know that I come from a long line of descendants whose ancestors built the Great Wall of China.

Picture of Oodassault 3.7
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~KGB~7 years ago
so wait, if i make this is it going to be 100% reliable?
DJ Radio ~KGB~7 years ago
More like 99.99999999999999999999999999999999999999999999(and so on, this is infinite decimals)%.
TheDunkis (author)  DJ Radio7 years ago
Which would actually equal 100% ...
If you round.  
TheDunkis (author)  DJ Radio7 years ago
OK, picture it this way. What do you add to make it 100? Where is that . infinity 1? It doesn't exist. You can have a 1 tacked onto infinity because infinity goes on forever. It's like a line that keeps going on and on. The 1 would keep moving back trying to find the end of the line but would never find it.
I suppose you want more proof...
OK 100% (or 1) = 3/3 right?
100%/3= 33.3% repeating
33.3% repeating * 3 = 99.9% repeating
Thus 99.9% repeating = 100%
Comes from the most basic proof of .9... = 1. I hated it and didn't want to believe it but it doesn't really make a difference because it's true. I'd argue the same thing that there is that lost .0...1 in there somewhere but it's impossible for it to exist. .3...3 is just a bad way to express 1/3 but you can't express that lost bit. Either way, I'm never going to fire off infinite shots to get that one shot that fails.
(sorry you probably saw the extra comment but I forgot to add in some stuff that would have otherwise made the math incorrect)
My argument against this is like this: If 2 people get the same math problem wrong, it doesn't matter who was closer to the answer, both of them were not on the target.  99.9 repeating still does not equal 100 no matter how close it is.  If you shot a knex gun at someone and miss the target by 2 millimeters, you still missed him, and he did not get out.  If you make a 59 F and you are only 1 point away from a D, it doesn't matter, a 59 F is still a 59 F, not a 60 D.
DB2016 DJ Radio6 years ago
Here's another one (similar to TD's proof):

10/11=.909090909 repeating
01/11=.090909090 repeating
11/11=.999999999 repeating
TheDunkis (author)  DB20166 years ago
That's an interesting one. Really, repeating numbers were just a bad way to say "we don't have a proper way to represent the result when you divide some even numbers by some odd numbers." So in my mind .9 repeating isn't exactly the same number, it's just a representation for 1 showing that it came from the division of numbers that can't be properly represented themselves.
Something like that, I mean, if you can think of 33.33% as 1/3 than it's the same with .99.
A little bit late, I know, but what TD is describing is an established mathematical theory.
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