Oodassault 3.8

I really need to stop now. I'm running out of numbers until I reach 4.0 T_T
This one takes inspiration from killerk's futile attempts at improving a Dunkis weapon. Everyone knows that only the true master can improve his own weapons muahahhaha! Kidding... but I just didn't like how the magazine on his looks and you know me and how picky I am about fashionable practicality...if that exists.

I left the entire back of the gun intact. The only major changes happened to the magazine. I did away with the tilter in favor of a locking magazine like the 3.3 and Killerk's version. And...that's pretty much it. It seems to be perfectly reliable but so was the 3.7. This one just doesn't require those mini k'nex adapters to do so. Oh actually I did modify the clips I use a bit so that you can keep them in the gun. This allows you to push them in without needing to lock the magazine and then fire the gun normally. I think you could use these with the 3.7 if you wanted to.

So yeah, here's my video with a tad bit of Russian thrown in for no particular reason...I had some Coke before hand >_> And for some reason it won't embed so here's the link...
Speed Load Video

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travw7 years ago
This is really nice. I might actually dig out my Knex and build this!
don't do it build this! ; P
Lulz. I would, but it's basically the same gun minus the tilty-ness, and tilty-ness is always nice. =)
mine tilts
Oh. Whoops, didn't look carefully enough...
lol its cool im telling you the mag i made kicks butt not to mention the stripper clips i use are really easy to use and strong
TheDunkis (author)  Knex Lego Maniac7 years ago
I still like mine better =P
Keep the rod on the gun.
Can keep the clip on the gun.
Don't need to take anything off, just open the mag and the clip part will drop out.
Preference though. Both guns accomplish the same thing for the same purpose.
for fun we should each make a vid of our guns reloading as fast as possible and see who wins! lol you game?
TheDunkis (author)  Knex Lego Maniac7 years ago
Alright, sure. I still have the gun actually as I couldn't be bothered to make anything else yet. And the rule is we start as if we just got done firing off the last clip? Good luck.
TheDunkis (author)  TheDunkis7 years ago
Speed Load Video
Good luck...
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